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Server Permissions & Commands

Post by Balthelion » Tue Oct 09, 2012 6:40 pm

Work In Progress


Players: Everyone


Command: /me <text>

Private Messaging:
Command: /tell <player> <text>
Node: bukkit.command.tell

Commit Sucide:
Command: /kill
Node: bukkit.command.kill

MyHome Plugin

Set Your Current Position As Your Home:
Command: /home set
Node: myhome.home.basic.set

Teleport To Your Home:
Command: /home
Node: myhome.home.basic.home

Invite someone to teleport to your home:
Note: Grants unlimited teleport ability until uninvited
Command: /home invite <player>
Node: myhome.home.soc.invite

Uninvite someone to teleport to your home:
Note: permanently removes the ability for this player to teleport to your home
Command: /home uninvite <player>
Node: myhome.home.soc.uninvite

List all homes you have permissions to teleport to:
Command: /home list
Node: myhome.home.soc.list

Teleport to another players home (if you have their permission):
Command: /home name (Where 'name' is the name of the player)
Node: myhome.home.soc.others

List all people who have permission to teleport to your home:
Command: /home ilist
Node: myhome.home.soc.ilist

Inherits: Default
Players: Halathor


Kick Player:
Command: /kick <player>
Node: bukkit.command.kick

Ban Player:
Command: /ban <player>
Node: bukkit.command.ban.player

Ban IP Address:
Command: /ban <ip>
Node: bukkit.command.ban.ip

View Ban List:
Command: /banlist
Node: bukkit.command.ban.list

Add Player To Whitelist:
Command: /whitelist add <player>
Node: bukkit.command.whitelist.add

Remove Player From Whitelist:
Command: /whitelist remove <player>
Node: bukkit.command.whitelist.remove

Display Whitelist:
Command: /whitelist list
Node: bukkit.command.whitelist.list

Reload Whitelist:
Command: /whitelist reload
Node: bukkit.command.whitelist.reload

Perform a World Save:
Command: /save-all

Inherits: Mod
Players: LeoxStryker

Enable Whitelist:
Command: /whitelist on
Node: bukkit.command.whitelist.enable

Disable Whitelist:
Command: /whitelist off
Node: bukkit.command.whitelist.disable
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