PLUGIN: Simple Spleef

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PLUGIN: Simple Spleef

Post by Balthelion » Fri Apr 06, 2012 1:27 am


Simple spleef is a plugin to help automate playing spleef. This includes organising games, getting players to the arena, and replacign all blocks after the game is over. It also hands out prizes!


/spl join
The first player to use this game will start a new game of Spleef. This announces a new game on the server, and other players can use this command to join the game. Joining the game will immediately teleport you to The Spleef Dome. Joining a game will cost you 1 gold coin.

/spl start
The player who created the game can use this to start the game. Once started, all players are teleported into the Spleef arena, and a 10 second cooldown will start. Once the timer reaches zero, all players will be given a diamond spade, and the game will begin.

/spl leave
If you have joined a game, you can leave before it starts and have your entry fee refunded.

/spl me
Show your Spleef statistics.

/spl player <player>
Shows the Spleef statistics of the specified player.


One player can start the game with /spl join, then the otehr players can use the same command to join the game.

When everyone is ready, leader can use /spl start to begin the game. Make sure you have at least one free spot in your quickslot bar - Once the countdown timer reaches zero, you'll be given a diamond shovel for the duration of the game which will be added to your inventory, and straight into a quickslot if one is empty.

Spleef the other players - last man standing wins. Losers will be teleported to the spectator box to watch the remainder of the game.

The winner will receive prize money of 2 gold per player participating. EG, in a 5-player game, the winner will win 10 gold. Winners will also receive some items as a prize!
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