Some cool stuff coming in 2013

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Some cool stuff coming in 2013

Post by Balthelion » Sun Feb 10, 2013 3:58 pm

I can definately see myself going back for season 8, if not before.

Season 8 - Romulan Faction!

Season 8 (due May 2013) will add a new third faction - The Romulans. It's not been 100% confirmed with a statement to that effect, but come on:
May2013.jpg (25.17 KiB) Viewed 9704 times
May2013.jpg (25.17 KiB) Viewed 9704 times
Theres also going to be ANOTHER fleet holding, and reputation faction.

Aparently, season 8 is so big they've stopepd calling it a "season". Will this be something comparable to an expansion to other MMO's? Although the way STO is run, it would still be free. Theres meant to be major changes to the klingons too (finally padding out their content so they don't auto start at lv20?)
It is ok to say that we’re currently at work on the largest update since STO first launched. For players who are expecting another Season, what we have in store for our next update is a fair bit larger than anything we’ve done previously.
Season 8, releasing in the first half of 2013, will focus on adding new missions and storyline to the game in the form of a new adventure zone, new episodes, and another big feature, which is yet to be revealed. We also have Season 9 scheduled to launch in the second-half of 2013. In between all of that will be additional updates, new ships, a few new features and perhaps a mid-year event before next year’s Winter Event.
They are planning a long overdue crafting update, because its sodding awful:
While Crafting currently plays a minor role in the game, we have big plans for how Crafting can be incorporated into future customization for Starships and Starbases. One of the updates we have planned in the future will incorporate Crafting into ship design and open up an entirely new avenue for specialization and customization
Ship Updates!
With the constant flow of new ships coming out of the shipyards, our next major update to ships will be to incorporate warp core design into how a ship performs in combat and what types of power it can bring to a fight.

Apparently top of the list for new reputation factions planned are: PvP, Tholians & Deferi.

The Future
We want to see the Delta Quadrant and let captains retrace the route of Voyager. We want to see the Gamma Quadrant and let captains explore the regions controlled by the Founders and the Dominion. We want organized Fleets of players to explore into new parts of the Galaxy and discover new species and new opportunities. We want to see the Federation and the Klingon Empire determine if they will remain at war or if there is a chance for peace.

And then there are the Iconians…
We plan to increase the level cap in the future so that captains will be able to obtain the Full Admiral Rank. As part of that change, we will be introducing a new tier of gear, along with new very rare and ultra-rare items that are loot only. That said, we are going to be releasing more Reputations with new gear associated with them as well, but we understand that some players still want to get lucky and find that very rare item that no one else has found yet. We won’t lose sight of that as we move up in Ranks.
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Re: Some cool stuff coming in 2013

Post by Piiraadzins » Wed Feb 13, 2013 9:49 pm

and after ultra rare there is gonna be mega ultra rare and after that mega super duper ultra rare items :D

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