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Daily Farming Guide

Post by Balthelion » Sun Sep 09, 2012 1:54 pm

Investigate Officer Reports (Daily) - 1,440 Dilithium + 50 Fleet Marks
Click Here for details on how to do this repeatable

Turn Over Confiscated Contraband (Every 4h) - 2,000 Dilithium + 334 Trade XP
Requires 5 contraband per assignment. 4 hour assignment duration. Can be repeated instantly after it completes to earn the rewards EVERY FOUR HOURS!

There is a tiny chance of failure in this assignment that can be removed by using a Security Officer for the assigment. The rarer the officer used, the better as you will get additional Trade XP.

You can obtain contraband by doing any contraband related duty officer assignments such as:
  • Confiscate Contraband From Crew
  • Inspect Civillian Freighter
Additionally you can buy them on the exchange for areound 45,000 EC each using the following settings:
  • Name: Contraband
  • Category: Commodities
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  1. Visit Deep Space 9 in the Alpha Trianguli Sector Block
  2. Find the Starfleet Security Officer on the east side of the promenade (the circle area in the middle of the map)
  3. Speak to him to her to perform the assignment
Special Task Forces (Once Hourly per STF) - 500 (Normal) 1,100 (Elite) Dilithium + Borg EDCs & Technology

You should be running STFs for gear once you reach 45+ anyway, but they are also a great source of dilithium too.

Only attempt Elite once you have acquired full mk XI weapons and either Mk XI ship gear or the borg set as appropriate, as well as knowing the correct tactics to complete the challenge.
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