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Duty Officer Guide

Post by Balthelion » Fri Aug 17, 2012 6:23 pm

Duty Officers

Duty officers are the regular crew of your ship, who you can give specific assignments to, and send on away missions. Rewards for assignments vary for what and how much you get, but can include:
  • Commendation XP - To help you level up your rank in any commendation category, and unlock the associated perks
  • Dilithium Ore
  • Additional Duty Officers
  • Additional Bridge Officers
  • Rare Items - Such as food, drink, Gamma Quadrant Commodities, protoypes etc - many of which can be used on additional assignments
  • Crafting Materials - Data Samples & Rare Particle Traces
Stats & Traits

Each Duty Officer will have a job within a specific department. For example they might be a Doctor which is always part of the Medical Department. In addition to their job, they may have up to 5 different traits such as Efficient or Logical. Traits are important for improving the chances of Success or Critical Success during assignments. Having traits which are considered negative by the assignment you are trying to do will have the opposit effect - Increasing the chances of Failure or Disaster.

Finding Assigments

Assignments can be found from four different sources: Sector, Personal & NPC

Sector Assignments
These can be found on the Duty Officer Panel under ASSIGNMENTS > CURRENT SECTOR. These assignments are available thoughout the Sector Block or Star Cluster you are currently in. Moving to another Sector Block or Star Cluster will show you different assignments. The available assignments change every 4 hours. Everyone sees the same set of sector assignments.

Personal Assignments
These can be found on the Duty Officer Panel under ASSIGNMENTS > PERSONAL. These are unique to each player. The available assignments change ever 1 hour. Some Personal assignments can give temporary buffs to your ship.

Department Head Assignments
These can be found on the Duty Officer Panel under DEPARTMENT HEADS > PERSONAL. These are unique to each player. The available assignments change every 20 hours. Additional missions might appear under your departmentment heads depending on the area you are in.

NPC Assignments
These can be found by talking to specific NPCs in the game. Most notably, You can take assignments from many members of your crew by using the "Visit the Bridge" option under your mini-map, and take recruiting assignments from several NPCs at Starfleet Academy

Choosing the Best Assignments

Assignment Chains
As a rule of thumb, you should always take chain assignments wherever you find them. They always have numbers in brackets, such as "(1/7)" at the end. Even if you fail them, you still complete that mission in the chain, and can move on to the next one when you find it. Many assignment chains will reward you with a Very Rare (Purple Quality) Duty Officer upon completion.

Investigate Temporal Anomaly
This is a very rare and hard to find assignment, and you can only ever complete it once. The reward is a Very Rare (Purple) Bartender - Your very own version of Guinan from TNG.

Resettle Colonists 4h
These assignments are how you collect Colonist Duty passengers for Colonisation assignments. You will always need a lot of these, although you are restricted to a maximum of 20 passengers (Colonists, Refugees) at any one time.

Duty Officer Recruitment Assignments
There are a number of assignments that you can complete at starfleet academy, although these have a long (multi-day) cooldown. Potentially as long as once-weekly. These assignments are from:
  • Starfleet Personnel Officer (N/W Building)
    • General Recruitment 20h (+1 Random)
    • Tactical Officer Cadre ?h (+2 Tactical/Security)
    • Engineering Officer Cadre ?h (+2 Engineering/Operations)
    • Science Officer Cadre ?h (+2 Science/Medical)
    • Civil Corps Recruitment ?h (+2 Civilian)
  • Andorian Personnel Officer (Behind N/W Building)
    • Andorian Cultural Exchange 20h (+1 Random)
  • Tellarite Personnel Officer (Behind N/W Building)
    • Tellarite Cultural Exchange 20h (+1 Random)
  • Vulcan Personnel Officer - (Middle of the Gardens)
    • Vulcan Cultural Exchange 20h (+1 Random)
Note: Numbers are duration times for the assignments in days (d) and hours (h)

Additionally, all of these NPC's allow you to trade any 5 officers of the same quality for one officer of the next highest quality. Useful for reducing the number of duty officers you have if you are near the cap, while still improving your selection. The Starfleet Personnel Officer also allows you to trade down one officer for ??? officers of the next lowest quality.

There are also random assignments that you can get in sector space that grant additional Duty Officers
  • Asylum on <Planet> 20h - These assignments trade 1 refugee for 1 random duty officer. Normal success/crit rules apply, and can result in Green or above quality officers, or no officer in the event of a disaster result.
  • <Species> Officer Exchange Program - Allows you to exchange any of your Duty Officers for another (hopefully better) Duty Officer. A great use for these is to use a white quality officer with suitable crit traits to be exchanged for a green or higher duty officer. The species of the new officer depends on the assignment name.
Haggle For <Gamma Quadrant Commodity>
These assignments are for obtaining the rare Gamma Quadrant Commodities, such as:
  • Bateret Incense
  • Ferasan Nepata Leaves
  • Jevonite
  • Shapeshifting Lockets
  • Tulaberries
  • Unrefined Ketracel
This items are used extensively in some assignment chains (Biochemical Investigations: X) as well as for normal missions. You should save them for the assignment chains first, and only use them for normal assignments once you have completed these chains. Both the assignments to gather these, and the assignments to use these commodities are found ONLY in Cardassian Space.

Other Good Assignments
Depending on your priority, you might also want to look for any assignments that give high Commendation XP (perhaps in a specific category), High dilithium, Bridge Officer Candidates, "Scan ...", "Analyze ..." or "Recover Artifacts ..." assignments that reward crafting materials

Planning Assignments

When planning assignment, there are a number of slots that you will need to fill, that might have certain restrictions on what can go in that slot. For example you might need a Doctor, or anyone in the Medical Department, or any officer with the Resolve Trait.

Your bridge officers will make up to three recommendations that are geared towards achieving a success outcome. While these are usually good enough choices if you are in a hurry, it is better to choose officers yourself from the full selection. It is better to build towards achieving a critical success outcome. Anything that will add to a critical success chance will also add to your regular success chance too!

Quality Reward Bonus
By using non-common officers, you can increase the "Quality Reward Bonus" stat. This is a reward multiplier for achieving a success result. So if you had a quality reward bonus of 10%, and the mission says it rewards 100 Medical Commendation XP, you will earn 110 Medical Commendation XP on a Success. Duty officer quality adds the following percentages to the Quality Reward Bonus:
  • Common (White) - 0%
  • Uncommon (Green) - 5%
  • Rare (Blue) - 10%
  • Very Rare (Purple) - 20%
Critical Reward Bonus
Similar to Quality reward bonus, this increases the rewards if you have a critical success. It will multiply whatever the rewards for a success are - so it also includes the rewards from improving your Quality Reward Bonus. This is why building for a critical success is so profitable!

Casualty Risk
This reflects the chances to injury or death on this assignment. Only white officers (redshirts!) can be killed. Officers of any quality can be injured, which means they are stuck in sickbay for a set duation. This is effectively an extra assignment that automatically starts, and doesn't take up an assignment slot (it even rewards medical XP!) but you cannot use that officer until they are discharged from sickbay.

Required Items
Many assigments require certain items in addition to duty officers in order to start. These can include Energy Credits (EC), Gold Presse Latium (GPL), Food & Drink, Data Samples, Commodities and more. If you need commodities (such as Provisions or Shield Generators), you can replicate these using EC in from the Inventory Panel.
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