Game update 1.1 - 17 january 8am GMT

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Re: Game update 1.1 - 17 january 8am GMT

Post by Obion » Fri Jan 20, 2012 8:28 pm

Great news Grim!

* Legacy seems to be a Dev idea about something they haven't decided what to do about. Hard to figure out since it seems they haven't figured it out yet.
* Custom GUI, me like. LOTRO was my first MMO so it has set the standard for me. I want it to look similar or else I get easily confused. Especially switching between them as I have plans to do more often in the near future.
* Guild banks. Well, to me that's a no brainer. If they want to keep ppl in the game that means rolling new alts which includes beneficiating from an already lvl'd character. The vault in LOTRO is awsome for that, now more than ever when they changed many of the BOA rewards to account bind.

* Latest patch. That one have been given a fair amount of beating to say the least. Especially when it comes to PVP, go to the forum and PVP section and you'll see. Main problem is that the Republic side in the game is much like the Rebellion in movie 4-6, really low on numbers and always fighting against the odds for survival. This is a problem on most of the servers. And they crapped up the PVP awards enabling the Imp side invade Rep spawns on Ilum gaining massive points. So now the lvl 50 Imps are running around in full battle gear beeing unbeatable.
The really bad thing is that some (unknown figure) have left the game beacause of this, while others changed side, leaving the Republic even more in despair.
That said I kinda like it in some way. (Note: As far as I come to understand the story) This game is set before the movies but after the great war between Jedi's and Sith, KOTOR1 was just as the war was about to start, and KOTOR2 a few years before the war IIRC. In wich time the Imp side was growing in support from different worlds (one reason why Palpatine could so easily be announced as Counselor) and ultimately led up to the Empire controlling the Senate, and some planets who refused the new order break of and form the rebellion.
So, unitentially the Devs might have created something that falls really good into the story.

And to me this games is like a continuing of the story from KOTOR. Loved those game and there is so much resemblance it is hard not to like this one. So I think I'll put up with most of the bugs and stuff, not that good at PVP anyway.
Thanx for finding the video Grim, Hadn't seen that one before.

To quote Jules from Pulp Fiction (yes, it is semi requote from some fiction novel)
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