Companions: Jedi Knight

The Rangers of Endor
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Companions: Jedi Knight

Post by Balthelion » Sat Jan 14, 2012 1:47 pm

Here's my reference sheet for the Jedi Knight's companions which may be useful for the rest of you.

Mild Spoilers (Names, planet they are recruited on) if you want to avoid that sort of thing

Likes - Things/Actions that your companion respects, and will increase their affection with you
Dislikes - Things/Actions that your companion hates, and will decrease their affection with you
Primary Weapon - Obvious
Secondary Weapon - Their secondary weapon, or support item
Armour - Their armour proficiency
Primary Stat - Obvious
Secondary Stat - Obvious
Crew Skill Bonuses - The bonuses that each character has for crafting. Particularly useful if you are wondering what craft to take as a Jedi Knight
Romance - Can the character be romanced?
Preferred Gifts - The companions favourite gifts, give the most affection
Enjoyed gifts - Gifts that your companion likes a lot, gives medium affection
Appreciated Gifts - Gists that your companion likes a little, give lowest affection

Note: Doc, Sergeant Rusk & Lord Scourge don't have their gifts split, as no-one knows how they are split yet. Giving a companion a gift that doesn't fall into one of their categories above will result in the item being lost, and no affection earnt.
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companions-jediknight.jpg (135.98 KiB) Viewed 9582 times
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