The Tower of Orthanc (ToO)

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Re: The Tower of Orthanc (ToO)

Post by Netham » Sun Mar 11, 2012 12:25 pm

The only thing that could cause a wipe in phase 2 (I mean really cause a wipe, not thinking if the crew just can't do it) is the storm aoe's and the dmg on the tank I think. If I'm not as far from him as possible (still within melee, barely), I take 2 x 2,5k dmg from the cross shaped aoe. Then there's the smaller aoe attack also. That's why we thought we wanna separate him from the group.

I had "fun" yesterday stacking self heals and being on a minstrels mind because of lightning affinity and a bubble on him at the start of phase 2. :D Also I used NS in this phase. Luckily it was back for phase 5 but went off without triggering itself. :)

Sorry Obi, it wasn't that important a thing really. You could've waited atleast untill you would've logged anyway. :p

I love the complexity of the advanced classes, I really do. :) Almost makes me want to pick up the LM again.
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Re: The Tower of Orthanc (ToO)

Post by Grim » Sun May 13, 2012 2:19 pm

Pugged lightning t2 yday and after about 5 hours, managed to down kalbak on challenge mode so i thought i better brain dump a bit :)


Got through this relatively quickly due to not too much lag but we did have quite an unorthodox group - 2 guards, minstrel, healing rk, dps warden(I was a bit horrified at that) and only 1 burg and 1 lm for cc.

First pull exactly how we usually do it (that ones easy really).

Second pull I got assigned to hang around the healers and keep them alive while the other tank kited deep claws. Basically Iwas just picking up the cave claws and any taskmasters that came in range, as well as chucking the odd shield wall on my minstrel if a troll got loose. Champ offtanked taskmasters and we just burned them asap then finished off the rest as usual. Got through this pull first try.

Third pull we used some sorta tactics - I protected healers, 2nd tank picked up deepclaws champ off tanked taskmasters and cc kept the trolls down. LM started off rooting the moon taskmaster with the 2 deep claws as we usually do then we just brought down the taskmasters asap. This one took a bit longer because people kept waking trolls up who'd then do a lot of damage. When first cave in starts on this phase, everyone should go all out - cappys in harms way last stand, minstrels fellowships heart and RKhealers use your big bubble thingy, cappys should also probably go shield bro and use to arms and go full heals at this point too. Also use one oaths on first taskmaster and one on the second. Very that point its relatively easy to survive as long the trolls dont get woken up!


Kalbaks back and hes got a few upgrades! The premise of this fight is similar to tier 1, just with some twists. Same aggro switching necessary for tanks because of static levels - 100% sure now that if you b/p/e him you dont get an increase in static level. As such I was using guardians pledge to whenever I was tanking him to prolong the time I could tank him, allowing the other tank to let his static go down to 0. Main difference is the lightning crystals - on the ceiling theres a bunch of lightning crystals that electrify the floor panel the boss is standing on at morale intervals While standing on electrified floor you take 1294 damage every 2 seconds. Start tanking him in the top left corner of the room and wait til the floor lights up then move clockwise to the next panel and continue fighting there. The boss does take a bit of time before he moves, tank just go straight to where youll be tanking him next and WAIT, dont move back towards him or youll delay his move. DPS needs to stop when youre moving between panels or you can draw aggro very easy. Tank aggro isnt always very solid in this fight because of constant switching so be careful! While the tanks moving the boss, the rest of the raid should just group and wait for the boss to get into position, then all move back into mellee range. If you dont want to do challenge (doesnt make the fight much harder imo) then you can destroy the lightnign crystals to stop the floor being electrified. Also, the electrified can jump around the room a bit (when the one youre fighting on lights up, another one across the room might do the same. Couldnt quite figure this mechanic out but it didnt matter too much.

The lightning elhudans are back and work exactly the same as before.

Once youre about halfway round the room and the boss goes below about a million health, he starts using his 'shock' attack. This is the real killer in this fight, and why it took so long to finish! Relatively easy mechanic as long as everyone pays attention! This is the chain lightning mechanic that we pretty much just ignore on t1. Kalbak will shout out 'Shock <insert name here>!' then hit you with a lightning beam. As soon as he shouts your name, you MUST run directly away from the group, or that lightning will chain to members of the raid andis pretty much just a raid wipe mechanic. The guy leading the raid advised us to make a new chat bubble in the middle of our screens with just the say channel active so we could see it easily, which did help quite a lot. Tanks with aggro wont get shocked,but anyone else can so watch out!

When he gets to about 400k, youre probably on the last free section of floor in the middle of the room (think lost temple) and this is the home straight. I think he stops using shock about now and you just have to nuke the hell out of him. By 200k the whole floor is electrifed and you have to go all out here. Cappys go in harms way last stand and save oathbreakers for this point. Minnies pop fellowships heart again and RK healers use big bubble thingy. This bit of the fight is just kill him before he kills you, simple as that.

If you survive that, then you are rewarded with lots of lovely seals (about 50 for first time completion) and a chance at some nice gear. We did get a symbol put some idiotic cappy who couldnt listen to instructions and only turned up on the last few runs when our other cappy dropped unfortunately got it. In addition to that we got 2 very average cloaks that may have been t1 stuff, the t1 heavy shield, loooads of relics and a rather tasty medium armour agi hel, which I didnt get a screenshot of but had (I think) 134 agi, 67 fate and a load of crit. Not great loot but not bad either, I know that gweluchor, the reeelly good bracelet with similar stats to that helm mentioned above also drops in the first 3 wings of t2, so definitely more worth doing than t1
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Re: The Tower of Orthanc (ToO)

Post by Egelinath » Mon May 28, 2012 8:00 pm

Ok, so I saw this today using a different tactic on the last boss. They didn't worry about the floor mechanic at all. They had the tank pop pledge & warrior's heart, and captain's popped strength of will and to-arms (SB) and the tank runs to grab the boss. Once he has him aggro'd he runs to the right-hand wall. As soon as the troll gets to the right-hand wall, the tank pops sprint and runs back across the center platform so he stands just off it and waits for the boss to come to him. The positioning on this can be a bit tricky, but as long as the boss's circle doesn't cross the 'barrier' marking the edge of that platform and he's still attackable, it's all good. Anyway, once he arrives there, the tank runs straight through the troll to his backside and proceeds tanking him there.

The rest of the group can now run so they are grouped tightly behind the troll and begin attacking him. The tank will hit his pledge 2 more times during this 'phase' of the fight. Once he's hit it the third time, if there's another tank, starting at static 6, the other tank grabs the aggro and they swap out. If there is no other tank, then the GROUP, not the tank moves backward away from the boss when the tank reaches 9 static and they wait for the tank to 'explode'. Obviously, this is healing intensive at this point and both healers are essentially concentrating on whichever tank (if there's more than one) has aggro.

The shock mechanic this way was explained a bit more in-depth to me: using this set up, whoever's name is called, runs sideways about 15 meters from the group and stops. The length of the shock depends on the length of time you're running, so the faster you get 15m away from everyone, the less time you'll get shocked. DO NOT run backwards away from the boss during this mechanic as it will pull the lightning unnecessarily through the group. Run to either your right or left and stop about 15m away from the group until the shock is done then get back into the group.

At approximately 350K is when we popped Fellowship's Heart, In Harm's Way + Last Stand, and the 1st Othbreakers with the second following immediately after the first is complete.

I realize this is a bit hard to imagine in your head, but I'm sure it would make more sense seeing the setup. It is important to note that if done right, tanks are the only ones taking enouygh dmg to really worry about, so the captains can be left to heal everyone else with Rallying Cry and Words of Courage, etc. I did get some screenshots of the T2 lewt and will post those later...

Anyway, thought I'd give another perspective on this one as this is what I managed to see in a complete PUG for this fight.


Ok, here's the notable items that dropped aside from 1 worn symbol:




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Re: The Tower of Orthanc (ToO)

Post by Aedfrith » Tue May 29, 2012 9:13 am

Looking forward to trying this if the servers allow us to get through the trash.
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