Helegrod: Spider Wing

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Helegrod: Spider Wing

Post by Balthelion » Fri Jun 03, 2011 12:31 pm

Post your tips and tricks or ask for help or advice here.
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Re: Helegrod: Spider Wing

Post by Baz » Wed Nov 02, 2011 6:21 pm

One Warden and one Guard, or two Wardens doesn't matter. Make sure you have 2 Hunters and an LM. At least one RK helps too.

1) Start the fight with everyone standing just at the shoreline. Kill the spiders first. When the last silkspinner in each wave dies, the next wave will come in. You can dictate the fight really well by mezzing the last silkspinner in each group, then healing back up and regenning your power, before pulling the next wave.

2) When you get to the light-robed silkspinners, mez as many as you can and have everyone go single target dps on the spiders. 1 Warden picks up the unmezzed silkspinners (one at a time with javelins or precise blow - stay away from AoEs here), then the mezzed spinners, and pulls all 4 away from the group and up to the bonfires. Once the spinners are clear, you can AoE all the spiders down. Next, slowly and carefully dps the silkspinners down to about 1/2 or 1/3 health. At this point, everyone just relaxes and regens again, killing the occasional summoned spider that pops up. The spinners themselves really don't hit very hard at all. When you're ready, light the cacoons.

3) When the boss spider eats the Angmarim woman, your challenge should update. You may now kill the silkspinners. Have your Guard or 2nd Warden grab the spider boss and pull it off to one side. AoE the silkspinners down. You get about 30 seconds before adds come, this should be enough.

4) Healers and Warden stay between the bonfires. Hunters should position themselves for a good LOS on both healer group and boss group. Everyone else piles onto the boss. During this stage, you may want an RK to swap to 3rd healer and dedicate heals to the Warden. Most importantly, REMOVE THE GREEN EYE POISONS. During this stage, the green eyes are one-shot kills upon expiration. We've found that interrupting the boss does help some, so Champs should Clobber any inductions. Have someone call out the green eyes that make it through. Each player should pot his/her own poison first, then (if resisted) call out for Hunter poison removal. Hunters should have responsibility for their own fellowships only. Hunters primary job here is poison removal, not dps. When the adds come in, Warden uses EoB and Conviction as normal to grab them up. Make sure you keep your Shield Mastery up. You'll probably need to mix in a few additional AoE drains or self heals as well, even with the dedicated healer. LM should make sure to dish out power to the Warden and all 3 healers. Everyone else is on their own for power.

5) This fight feels like a hectic dps race until you get good at it. Then you realize that it's more about aggro control on the adds and poison removal. As long as the Warden can hold the adds and no one crucial gets poison-killed, it's a fairly easy fight. If things go wrong, the Warden can try kiting the adds so everyone can go all-out dps, but this is a desperation move only. You will get rooted and die at some point, or the healers will draw aggro and die. Either way, you can only buy your group about a minute with kiting.

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Re: Helegrod: Spider Wing

Post by Dumnomii » Wed Nov 02, 2011 6:41 pm

Nice guide, once again shows that tatics and cordination > raw dps ;)

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