Ost Dunhoth (OD): Gortheron Wing

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Ost Dunhoth (OD): Gortheron Wing

Post by Balthelion » Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:11 pm

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Nostborn wrote:OK Gortheron T2 Challenge.

Its easy enough if people follow a few simple rules and tactics.

1 Tank takes Gorth the other Takes the Smaller adds only! The larger adds (Boars, Trolls, Wargs? and the Big Frost Stone Things) are stunned in the first instance or kited by the captains (if you have them).

The first few phases where he is opening the doors you need to deal with the adds (stuns and kite) and nuke gortheron so you get him out of combat in each phase as quick as possible. Then you deal with all the adds from that doorway while he is out of combat and spawns others. Keep doing this until he has opened all the doorways. Once he has opened the doorways (should be about 250k). he will spawn 4 adds, these will be from the different doorways (thats 4 adds in total not 4 from each door). Once the 4 adds have spawned deal with these by either stunning or kiting with 2nd tank (just dont kill). A load of wights will spawn around the room, group these up and kill them quickly as you can kill these then you wait for gortheron to complete his epic buff. The only adds to be killed are the wights and thats it, leave the 4 adds to be stunned or kited.

At this point you all stop just heal the tanks and wait, cc and kite the adds, DO NOT KILL THEM! and just tank Gortheron DO NOT KILL HIM! Once he is at the highest buff (50 - 500% damage) you can just nuke him and claim the spoils of his death.
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