Ost Dunhoth (Lv65) - Mon 2nd Apr 7pm UK

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Ost Dunhoth (Lv65) - Mon 2nd Apr 7pm UK

Post by Balthelion » Mon Apr 02, 2018 2:33 pm

Hey all. In need of some brave souls to go to Ost Dunhoth for the YouTube run.

Since the mechanics of the mammoth wing mean we need 6 warm bodies, we need at least 2 spare warm bodies to press the buttons.

No experience necessary, and high levels are very welcome as at least 2 of us will be using on level characters, and we just want to get it done.

The run will be recorded for youtube, but you don't need a microphone or to participate in voice chat.

UPDATE: We're now going to try and run it tonight - Monday 2nd April 7pm UK

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Date/Time to be decided, looking to ideaally record it as soon as possible though. Post with your availability and we'll narrow it down as best as possible. A weekday run will probably start around 7pm. A weekend run can start whenever but would probably be late afternoon UK time (3pm onwards)

Possible Dates/Times:
(Good Dates, Maybes, Definitely Nots)
  • Tue 3rd April - 7pm
  • Wed 4th April - 7pm
  • Thu 5th April - 7pm
  • Fri 6th April - 7pm
  • Sat 7th April - 3pm onwards
  • Sun 8th April - 3pm onwards
  • Mon 9th April - 7pm
  • Tue 10th April - 7pm
  • Wed 11th April - 7pm
  • Thu 12th April - 7pm
  • Fri 13th April - 7pm
  • Sat 14th April - 3pm onwards
  • Sun 15th April - 3pm onwards
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