LOTRO 200th Episode / Chicken Session Play

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LOTRO 200th Episode / Chicken Session Play

Post by Balthelion » Sat Oct 15, 2016 11:03 am

Hey guys.

I'm thinking of possibly doing a chicken session play or some other fun event (orc bowling?) to celebrate reaching 200 episode of the main LOTRO series on YouTube.

This is probably likely to occur this evening (Saturday). I don't have an exact time in mind, but it would probably be around 6PM UK (GMT+1) if it happens.

Chicken Play would require you to have done some pre-quests in the shire. See the below link for more details:
You need to complete at least the first 2 quests in this chain.

Orc bowling requires a War-Steed to participate

Any other funny/silly suggestions are welcome :)
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