The easy way to Annuminas determination deed

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The easy way to Annuminas determination deed

Post by Aedfrith » Sat May 07, 2011 7:27 pm

Kill 200 dead in Annuminas.

Right, here's what you do. :mrgreen:

Open Glinghant. No worries if you're a solo 60+, set it at 40; the mobs have 5k-ish morale and can be pulled singly.

Kill all angmarim and darkwaters in the front courtyard. Go up the stairs to the first pool. Chat to Nengon and pull the lever. Darkwaters will come in groups of 3 initially, then 4 or 5. If you get into trouble simply run back out of courtyard down the stairs. The encounter will reset.

Repeat untl 200 darkwaters are dead.

You could also open Haudh Valandil and pop the wandering limrafns - 15 per instance. But the Glinghant way is quicker and less dangerous.
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