Getting your 5 Helm's Deep Trait Points

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Getting your 5 Helm's Deep Trait Points

Post by Aedfrith » Sun Jan 05, 2014 7:03 pm

A maxed out level 95 should have 65 trait points. After some research, this is my guide on how to get the 5 points available from Helm's Deep:

1) The road to Dunharrow - lvl 88 found in the Kingstead quest line.

You have to advance the Epic quest through Dunharrow, Aldburg and into Stoke before you can complete The Road to Dunharrow because of phasing issues.
You need the final Middlemead quest, where you help Thane Magla the one-armed bandit escape the attacking orcs, and all Underharrow quests, irritating though Ellen Fremedon is.
Then do Witwyn's quests in Meduseld and finally you can talk to Eowyn.

2) All Roads Lead back to Aldburg - lvl 89 found in the Eastfold quest line.

3) The Broadacres Betrayed - lvl 91 found in the Broadacres quest line.
Requires completion of Book 12 chapter 8 (in Woodhurst) and then a return to Stoke.

4) Woodhurst Has Fallen - lvl 93 found in the Stonedeans quest line. Need to do most if not all Woodhurst qs.

5) To Helm's Deep - lvl 94 found in the Westfold quest line. Go to Grimslade, as it's triggered by the quest chain that opens up with A Stony Welcome.

Of these, 1 and 3 seem the least obvious. May be wiser to do them once you've gone to 95. Aed took about 2-3 hours to complete them and now has 65 points.
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