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About The TeamSpeak Server

We have our own dedicated TeamSpeak 3 server for the kinship to use. We use this for voice communication when raiding, so it is important that you have it installed prior to joining our raids. Our Server has 24 slots (maximum 24 people online at any one time, in all channels).

Server Details

Password: The name of our kinhouse neighbourhood (all lower case letters)
Nickname: The character you are known as (or currently playing in the case of a raid)

Downloading TeamSpeak

To download TeamSpeak 3, click here. This will take you to the TeamSpeak website's downloads page. You then need to select the correct Client download for your operating system.

Run the file you downloaded and follow the instructions to install TeamSpeak. Then run the program to open the window.

Setting Up Teamspeak & Joining The Server

You can connect to our server by clicking FILE > CONNECT and entering our server details (shown above). Once connected you can click BOOKSMARKS > ADD to save it in your favourites.

It is then recommended you take a look at your options: SETTINGS - OPTIONS. The first thing you should do is set a Push-To-Talk button on the CAPTURE section of the options screen. Nobody wants to hear you breathing like Darth Vader down the line.

Conditions of Use

The TeamSpeak is for the use of the kin, and primarily for the purpose of LOTRO - To include raiding, grouping, and general kin voice chat. It is also used for some other games popular with our kin members. Please do not invite random people to the server unless it is for the above uses (eg someone not in kin joining a raid).

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