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Vol 3: Allies of the King, Book 1: Oath of The Rangers

Tuesday, 2nd March 2010 - 15:11

Posted by Balthelion in General

Well after a month of speculation about when it was coming, Volume III: Allies of the King, Book 1: Oath of the Rangers is finally going live today, in the week I guessed from the start, but two days earlier than regular maintenance.

Hopefully it won't be too buggy, especially since they've only had 24 hours since the US release to iron out the creases.

The book quests see you gathering help from the rangers (of, or at least in, Eriador :P) ready to go assist Aragorn later in the story. For those perhaps not familiar with the books, a band of rangers went south to assist Aragorn, and met up with him shortly before Helm's deep in Rohan (which in the films was replaced by the arrival of Haldir and his Lorien elves)

In addition to the new epic quests there are several significant changes. Firstly there are major overhauls to the Jeweller and Cook crafting professions, making use of the new "multi-output" recipes trialed with the Siege of Mirkwood release. In theory this should mean that every class can find a useful item at every level an item can be crafted, instead of skipping a jewellery set because it's tank-oriented or LM-oriented. Read more here.

Another major feature is Inspired Greatness. This is a super-buff which allows you to solo what would normally be fellowship epic quests. Just imagine all those times Aragorn went crazy solo in the movies without dying, and you'll get the picture. Read more here

A few other noteworthy mentions are a set of new upgraded skills at lv64 (with the exception of wardens, who gain a powerful new gambit), Read more here, and a brand new skirmish exploring the classic 12-man raid area known as the Rift, where a Balrog sleeps, Read more here."

Lastly, some general news on Book 1 can be found here. See you in-game :)


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