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Rohan Loot List

Monday, 5th November 2012 - 21:49:49

Posted by Balthelion in General

Our Riders of Rohan loot list is gradually getting filled up with all the latest gear and upgraded stats for skirmish gear.

You can view the loot list by clicking the "Rohan Loot List" link in the banner at the top of the website.

We are adding all the upgraded skirmish loot drops (a few new items were also added with Rohan), as well as the latest crafted items - regular recipes, guild recipes, and legendary rare drop recipes.

So drop by, take a look, and help us out if you can contribute any missing information!

RoE Website v2 goes live!

Tuesday, 16th October 2012 - 21:35:04

Posted by Balthelion in Site Updates

The new Rangers of Eriador website has gone live along with the launch of Riders of Rohan!

You can read all about the development of the new website in this forum topic, or if you prefer you can just read about the major changes in the Patch Notes.

Notice to People Wishing to Join Us...

Monday, 24th September 2012 - 22:44:00

Posted by Balthelion in General

It has come to my attention that a number of people seem to be under the false impression that they have "applied" to join us via our website.

We have no such feature!

The "Register" feature on the site is just to create an account FOR THE WEBSITE ONLY, used to give people access to the various features on the site.

If you wish to join the kinship, please read this page for information about the kinship. Information on how to get an invite is at the bottom of the page.

Riders of Rohan: First Three Dev Diaries

Saturday, 1st September 2012 - 01:27:35

Posted by Balthelion in Game News

Turbine have released the first three developer diaries for Riders of Rohan, detailing changes to the Burglar class and the Ettenmoors, plus discussing the new Eastern Rohan Region.

The Burglar Dev Diary can be found here.

The Eastern Rohan Dev Diary can be found here.

The Ettenmoors Dev Diary can be found here.

Website Revamp continues

Friday, 13th July 2012 - 14:23:11

Posted by Balthelion in Site Updates

It's now exactly 1 month until our kinship's 3rd birthday. Which is still my primary target for getting the new website functioning and online - at least with the site's existing (and improved!) features if none of the planned new stuff will be ready.

The first system to make the changeover is the News system. The news system is designed to keep our members up to date with all things LOTRO: Whether it's news about the game, about the kin, about website updates or anything else.

Until now, News posting was restricted solely to myself (Balthelion), for a number of reasons. Primarily, there was no method of editing a news post via the website (In three years, i never got around to it :P). This meant that the only way to "fix" a news post if someone was wrong was for me to go edit the database - and only I have access.

With the revamp, I've not only finished coding the system to allow editing, but I'm expanding the system to allow Officers to post news. This will ensure more use of the system, and more frequent posting of content.

If you're reading this news article, then you know that the new news posting system is operational (and hopefully bug free!). Further details on how you can help test the system will probably be coming soon in the development thread on the forums.

In other news, I quickly mocked up one new banner for the site, featuring The Shire. And I have to say: I LOVE IT! I'm hoping to get multiple banners available for launch, and the site will automatically randomise them to add a bit of variety to the site.

You can see the new banner at the Beta Site homepage here.

Lastly, I've started converting one of our guides (Turtle) to the new site format. With Guides, I'm going through them line by line to update tactics and general expanations to make them current. While of course there is the possibility of groups being vastly over-level for the content, guides are written on the assumption of mostly on-level groups.

I'm currently working on designing a "Boss Panel" which will work very similar to a Lore-master's inspection panel. It's going to be a black background so I can colour code things like resistances & mitigations just like they are in-game. It will also allow me to better format this information to make it easier to read than on the current site.

You can see the work-in-progress Turtle Guide here.

As always, comments and feedback are most welcome on the development thread on the forums, but that's all for this week!


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