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The Vile Maw (Watcher) Guide


"Whither did the Watcher in the Water flee when it was driven from its lake? The Vile Maw would be my guess. Beneath the waters of the dark floods are ways which lead into the black depths of Moria..."

The Watcher was the original end-game raid for the Mines of Moria expansion. As such, it can be quite a challenge for level 60 characters. Due to the tactics, it can still be challenging to over-levelled characters, although the extra DPS does help out a lot.

The Watcher is a lv60 instance, and has locks which reset on Monday and Thursday mornings.

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Group Composition & Roles

Group Composition

The RoE recommended group composition is as follows. Note that this is assuming a full on-level raid group.

  1. Ward/Guard - Tank
  2. Mins/RK - Healer
  3. Mins/RK - Healer
  4. Captain - Buffs/Support
  5. Captain - Buffs/Support
  6. LM - Debuffs, Power Sharing, DPS
  7. Burglar - Debuffs/DPS
  8. Champ - DPS
  9. Hunt - DPS, Range Tank
  10. Hunt - DPS, Range Tank
  11. Random - DPS
  12. Random - DPS



The Tank will be responsible for tanking the watcher himself. Should the tank be a warden, they will also be the main person responsible for removing corruptions on the Watcher.


Healers will be healing as usual. Legendary Traits such as the Minstrel's Fellowship's Heart and Rally, and the Rune-keeper's That Which Does Not Kill Us are highly recommended to be traited. There are often people one-shotted by the Watcher's special attacks, so in-combat resses are important.


Will be expected to buff the raid, and be ready to provide off-healing if a member of the raid (particularly the tank) is in danger of dieing. The captain will also be expected to use In Harm's Way together with Last Stand during the transition between Phase 2 & Phase 3. As such, increasing Last Stand duration via traits is recommended. In addition to this it is optional to also use the Shield of the Dunedain Legendary trait.

Hunters / Range Tanks

Ideally hunters due to better agroing and defenses (although a talented RK is possible), they will be responsible for range tanking the large tentacles in phase 2 and 3. Good Physical mitigation is therefore recommended.


Will need to keep the Watcher and the large tentacles debuffed at all times. Will also be expected to use Addle regularly on the large tentacle that is not the DPS target, so Addle Cooldown legacy on Legendary Burglar Tools helps out a lot.


Will need to keep the Watcher and the large tentacles debuffed at all times.


Will need to go crazy with AOE during the transition from Phase 2 to Phase 3. As such, traiting for additional AOE targets and damage is recommended. Will also be expected to use Clobber to interupt the large tentacle which is the DPS target.

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Requirements & Recommendations


As with all raids, it is considered a requirement to bring your own Hope & Scrolls to the raid. The following is therefore considered a requirement:

  • 1 (or more) x Scroll of Battle
  • 1 (or more) x Scroll of Warding
  • 1 (or more) x +5 Hope Token (15m duration or higher)
  • 5 (or more) x Morale/Power Pots (each)


+Stat Food

Food buffs to increase stats like Vitality are always handy, particularly if your stats are low.

+In-Combat Regen Food

Power can be an issue in long fights, so food which gives you a bit more in-combat power regen is useful. If you have a Lore-master in the group they will be power sharing to tanks/healers as a priority, everyone else will need to be fairly self-sufficient.

+Poison Resist Food

The water in the instance does a minor DoT the whole time you are in it, but increasing your Poison resistance will help to resist each tick of damage.

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Boss Mechanics

All Phases

Small tentacles can appear anywhere in the arena which can either dangle a mamber of the raid in the air (they can't do anything), or root them. The raid should watch out for these and free people as fast as possible, particularly if it's a healer or the tank.

Phase 1 Only

White text will appear on the screen saying: "The Watcher screams with anger...". When this happens, he will randomly face a member of the raid and spend a few seconds performing an uninteruptable induction before firing a massive jet of water in the direction he was facing when he started. This will almost certainly one-shot anyone who doesn't move fast enough. Since there is no indication who he is going to induct on, it is important that the raid stays as close together as possible at all times.

Phase 2 & 3

A number of tentacles will begin to path swim in a fixed circle around the arena. These are commonly refered to as "Sharks" and as their name suggests, are quite deadly. They cannot be killed or agroed, however they will do massive damage to anyone they get near, and likely two-shot people. Avoid these at all times.

Phase 3 Only

The white text will again appear on screen saying: "The Watcher screams with anger...". However this time, he will always induct facing the tank, and instead of firing a massive jet of water, he will do a massive AoE attack to anyone close to him (ie, inside the square platform you fight him on).

The watcher will also periodically build corruptions which will need to be constantly removed. Having a warden as the main tank makes this a lot easier, since he can remove these as soon as they appear.

Lastly, while both the left and right tentacles are alive during phase 3, they are both capable of performing inductions which will start channelled skills which heal the watcher for crazy amounts of morale. When both are alive, they must therefore be interupted heavily to ensure this doesn't happen. Champion(s) will use Clobber on the left tentacle, while Burglar's will use Addle on the right tentacle.

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Boss Tactics

Phase 1

Phase 1 begins when the Watcher is triggered.
Phase 1 ends when the 2 Wriggling Tentacles are killed.

Screenshot Required: Watcher Start Scream

The raid will stand on the Left Island ready to start after a ready check.

The fight will be triggered by the tank running forward towards the Watcher. Shortly after the Watcher appears, text will appear on screen stating: "The Watcher screams in anger!". This is the signal for everyone in the raid to run to the Right, back to in front of the doorway.

Two Wriggling Tentacles will have spawned at the edge of the water. The raid should all group up in melee range of the Left Tentacle, while the tank runs to the Right Tentacle and grabs agro before returning to hit the Left Tentacle with the rest of the raid.

Once the Left Tentacle dies, the raid should move into melee range of the Right Tentacle. If you are fast, then the watcher will not scream again. If however he does scream again, everyone in the raid should run to the Right Island until the scream has ended, then finish off the Right Tentacle. This ends Phase 1.

At this point, the raid should quickly kill off any small tentacles that have appeared on the beach

Phase 2

Phase 2 begins when the 2 Wriggling Tentacles are killed.
Phase 2 ends when the 2 Massive Tentacles are killed.

Screenshot Required: Watcher Smack Head

The Watcher will now be angry, and pull down a bridge from upstairs. Unfortunately, this smacks him in the head, so he'll disappear during Phase 2 to go tend to his wounds. In the meantime, 2 Massive Tentacles will appear in the middle of the lake. The Hunters (or range tanks) will grab agro of their respective tentacles (prior to the fight, they will have been assigned to either the left or right tentacle).

Screenshot Required: Sharks

Once the range tanks have agro, the Raid should head out into the middle of the lake. The bridge that the Watcher pulled down makes a handy platform to stand on in fron of the two tentacles. The first member of the raid to try to swim in the lake will ALWAYS be dangled by a tentacle, and should be freed immediately before the raid swims across to the middle. Make sure you avoid any Sharks while swimming out to the middle platform.

Screenshot Required: Range Tanking Positions

The raid can now kill the Left Massive Tentacle. If someone in melee range grabs agro, they should run out of range otherwise the tentacle will start doing massive melee AoE attacks. This is why the Massive Tentacles should ALWAYS be range tanked.

Once the Left Massive Tentacle is dead, the raid can DPS the Right Massive Tentacle down to around 15k or so. You may wish to change this number as you see fit depending on the group, but the important thing is that the right tentacle must NOT be killed. Once the raid has safely stopped DPS (and any DoTs on the tentacle have ended) the raid leader should ask one person ONLY to carefully bring the tentacle down to around 2k. It's now time to prepare for the Phase 3 transition, which is one of the most dangerous moments in the raid.

Everyone in the raid will group up at the far left side of the bridge. Be careful not to go right to the end of the bridge, as sharks might be able to hit you. Make sure everyone is grouped as tightly as possible. The reason for this is because as soon as the Right Massive Tentacle dies, a small tentacle will spawn under every member of the raid.

Screenshot Required: Huddle Spot

Once everyone is prepared for the insanity that's about to follow, get your Range DPS to kill the tentacle to take you into Phase 3

Phase 3

Phase 3 begins when the 2 Massive Tentacles are killed.
Phase 3 ends when the Watcher is killed.

Screenshot Required: Tentacle Fetish

The moment the Right Massive Tentacle dies, 12 Crushing Tentacles will spawn in the group. At this point, everyone in the raid should run along the bridge in the direction of where the Right Massive Tentacle used to be, just far enough to get out of melee range. The exception being any champions and tanks in the group, who can comfortably remain in the middle of them and AoE them down as fast as possible. The moment the tentacles spawn, Captains should use Last Stand and In Harm's Way, and if they have Shield of the Dunedain traited, they should use it on the Champion or another target who is in melee range of the tentacles. The rest of the raid can safely DPS from range, and any other melee classes can carefully creep back into range to assist with DPS without taking a lot of AoE damage. Kill all the Crushing Tentacles as fast as possible.

After a fixed period of time from the start of Phase 3 (about 15-20s), two new Massive Tentacles will spawn. Range tanks should again pick up their assigned targets. The raid can begin DPS'ing the Left Massive Tentacle, taking care not to pull agro off of the range tank. Skills that help add agro to the enemy's target such as a Burglar's Provoke are very useful here. Do NOT kill the Left Massive Tentacle, until the Watcher has reappeared.

Screenshot Required: Tanking Position

As soon as the Massive Tentacles appear, the Tank will need to get into position. This is in the water on the far side of the square platform (opposite the entrance door), ready to tank The Watcher the moment he appears.

After another 10-15s seconds after the Massive Tentacles appear, The Watcher will emerge from the water. The tank should immediately grab agro to ensure that The Watcher's back is facing the rest of the raid, due to the high frontal AoE he does. Once The Watcher appears, the raid can kill the Left Massive Tentacle.

Once the Left Massive Tentacle dies, the raid will DPS The Watcher until the Left Massive Tentacle respawns. The raid will NEVER DPS the Right Massive Tentacle - with the exception of the Range tank dealing damage to get agro, although it shouldn't need to be DPS'ed below 50% during the entire fight. The range tank for the Right Massive Tentacle should only ever do as much DPS as is needed to grab agro, then should assist the raid's DPS target (regularly checking the Right Massive Tentacle to ensure they stil have agro, and retake it if needed).

Screenshot Required: More Tentacles Emerge...

The raid will now fall into a pattern until The Watcher dies. Every time, the Left Massive Tentacle appears, the raid will target it, and kill it as fast as possible. While the Left Massive Tentacle is alive, Champions need to use Clobber on it regularly, while a Burglar uses Addle on the Right Massive Tentacle. As soon as the Left Massive Tentacle dies, return to DPS on The Watcher, and rinse and repeat until he dies.

Screenshot Required: Tentacles Healing Watcher

Remember to remove corruptions off The Watcher during phase 3, even if the raid is busy DPS'ing the Left Massive Tentacle. Also, the white text appearing on screen saying "The Watcher screams in anger!" will return during Phase 3. When this happens, everyone needs to be stood on the square platform around the water, otherwise they will take massive damage, be knocked back to the beach, and then be rooted by a small tentacle. Always take a step back from the inside edge of the square platform, as sometimes it is still possible to be hit while stood on it. The Tank will need to be particularly fast when the text appears, since they will be swimming in the water and will need to be stood on the platform before The Watcher does his attack. Afterwards, it's safe for the tank to go back into the water until the next scream.

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Everyone Gets:

  • 1 x Bright Emblem of Nimrodel
  • 2 x Medallions of Moria
  • ??? x Silver Coins

To Be Rolled On:

  • ??? x Tier ? Relics
  • ??? x Tier ? Relics

Rare Loot (Rolls):

Any 2 of the following (duplicates possible):

  • Treasury Stone
  • Black Pearl
  • Manadhgor
  • Run-baug
  • Mikel-baug
  • Murb-khed
  • Brenin-crus
  • Malak-zudur
  • Jofur-klath
  • Heremaib
  • Riengaim
  • Herengaim

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The Watcher

Screenshot Required


Genus Ancient Evil
Species Nameless
Morale 311,325
Power 47,430

Combat Effectiveness

Finesse ???
CJ Immune? No
Stun/Mez Immune? Yes
Root Immune? Yes


Cry Average
Song Average
Tactical Fair
Physical Average


Common Remarkable
Beleriend Remarkable
Westernesse Remarkable
Ancient Dwarf Remarkable
Light Remarkable
Shadow Remarkable
Fire Remarkable
Lightning Remarkable
Frost Remarkable


< < < < < < <

The further left the colour, the better it is for the player to use.


The Arms of the Watcher

  • Cleave the arms of the Watcher in the Vile Maw (40)


  • Title: (Name), Whip-lash
  • 5 Turbine Points

The Arms of the Watcher

  • Cleave the arms of the Watcher in the Vile Maw (80)


  • Virtue: Dicipline (+1)
  • 10 Turbine Points

The Vile Maw

  • Drive back the Watcher at the Black Pool
    (Epic: Vol 2, Bk 1, Ch 13)
  • Drive back the Watcher in the Flooded Treasury
    (Epic: Vol 2, Bk 4, Ch 7)
  • Defeat the Watcher in the Water
    (The Vile Maw)


  • Title: (Name), Slayer of the Watcher
  • Virtue: Charity (+1)
  • Reputation: Iron Garrison Guards (+900)
  • 5 Turbine Points

Lost to the Deeps

  • Find Harazgund
  • Find the missing dwarf-merchant
  • Find the missing dwarf-miner
  • Find the missing dwarf-adventurer
  • Find the missing dwarf-warrior


This deed will only pop up after discovering Harazgund. Harazgund can be found in the bottom left of the Waterworks in Moria at the entrance to The Vile Maw [17.6S, 116.9W].

The four dwarves can be found inside the Vile Maw instance. The first Dwarf is upstairs from the entrance. The second is in the corridor between the entrance and the boss room. The third is in the near left corner of the boss room. The fourth is in the far right corner of the boss room.


  • Title: (Name), Peace-bringer
  • Reputation: Iron Garrison Miners (+900)
  • 10 Turbine Points

The Watcher of Moria

  • Complete Deed: Lost to the Deeps
  • Complete Deed: The Vile Maw
  • Complete Deed: The Arms of the Watcher (Adv)


  • Title: (Name), Watch(wo)man
  • Reputation: Iron Garrison Miners (+900)
  • 10 Turbine Points