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Userchat Channels

What Are Userchat Channels

Userchat Channels are chat channels which can are created by players and can be seen and used wherever you are in the game. They are not limited to the region you are currently in like normal channels. They are also refered to as Global channels because of this behaviour.

Since these channels are player-made, you are not automatically in these channels and need to join them manually. Once you have joinde a channel on any given character, you will always be in that channel on that character until you manually leave the channel. Logging out of the game does not mean you have to manually rejoin the channel the next time you log in, as the game will remember what chanels you are in.

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Joining A Channel

Simply type the following command into the chat window (it doesn't matter what chat channel you are currently using):

/joinchannel [name]

You will need to replace [name] with the name of the chat channel you wish to join. For example, to join the chat channel GlobalLFF, you would type:

/joinchannel GlobalLFF

NOTE: You can only join FOUR chat channels at any one time.

Passworded Channels

Some chat channels may require a password to enter. The command for joining a passworded channel is:

/joinchannel [name] [password]

For example, to join the channel LemonRaid which has the password letsgo, you would type:

/joinchannel LemonRaid letsgo

Creating Chat Channels

Chat channels are created on the fly the first time someone joins a channels. They exist until the last person in them disconnects, at which point they are "destroyed". As such, there is no special command for creating a chat channel - The channel is created automatically (with a password if specified) the first time someone uses the /joinchannel command.

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Listing Currently Joined Channels

If at any time you want to check what channels you are in (and the numbers assigned to them), you can type:


Your channel list is permanent, and will remain in the same order even if you log out. However, If you leave a channel, and are still joined to channels using higher channel numbers, the next time you relog the character, the channel numbers will move up to occupy the free slot. For example, If i am joined in three channels (using Userchat 1, 2 & 3) and then leave channel 2, the next time i log in channel 3 will be using channel 2 instead.

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Using A Channel

Every time you join a chat channel, it will be assigned a number from 1-4 (this will be the lowest unused chat slot you currently have). when you join a channel, you will see some text like this:

You joined room 'GlobalLFF' (UserChat1). Number of members: 204.

To permanently switch to this new channel, you will need to type:

"/1 "

NOTE: Don't type the speechmarks, these are just to show that you MUST put a space at the end (otherwise you will post a blank message in that channel). Also bear in mind that you need to use the number that the channel you wish to use was assigned.

You can also post in one of these channels while remaining in your currently set channel. to do this, type:

/1 [message]

This will post [message] in Userchat 1. Make sure you use the correct number for the channel you want, and of course replace [message] with what you actually want to say.

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Leaving A Channel

To leave a channel, simply type:

/leavechannel [name]

Obviously, replacing [name] with the name of the chat channel you wish to leave, for example:

/leavechannel GlobalLFF

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Channels on the Snowbourn Server

These channels are not the only USerchat channels on the Snowbourn server, however they are some with the most commonly recognised names.


This is the most popular chat channel, with hundreds of users at any one time. It is intended for looking for fellowships, although is frequently used for other purposes, such as trade and advice. It should be noted that using this channel for anything other than LFF is frowned upon, so be warned if you do so. This channel is a great way to find people for fellowships in-game, and it is highly recommended that you join this channel.


A trade channel, as the name suggests, this channel has relatively few users, leading many people to just post trade messages in GlobalLFF instead. A useful channel to be in, and the more people in the channel, the more people are likely to use it for trade.


An advice channel which sees relatively little use, since most people either ask in the local advice channel or GlobalLFF.


A chat channel for any out-of-character chat. It has a small user base, with periodic spikes in members if there's something to talk about. Generally people don't use this channel as it clogs up their chat window with nonsense.


This is the chat channel for the (now defunct) LemonRaid raiding group formed from members of smaller kins who can't raid as a kin. The LemonRaid channel has a password, which is letsgo.


A channel for Danish players to speak in their own language.

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