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The Music System

Getting Started

What do I need?

You will need at least one instrument in the game. These can be purchased from any Bard for a few silver. Different classes are able to play different instruments (once they have bought the passive skills early on in the game). Minstrels can also teach you to play instruments that your class cannot normally play, if they have the appropriate Mentoring Skill.

NOTE: Songs can sound completely different depending on which instrument they are played on. Some songs require a specific instrument (or a similar instrument) in order to sound correct. Others are generally playable on most instruments. The Lute is considered the "default" instrument, and should be able to play all songs to a reasonable standard.

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Music Files

What is a Music File?

A Music File is a simple plain text document which uses the .abc file extension. This file format is not exclusive to LOTRO, and is common with many music related applications.

Where Can I Find Music Files?

A simple web search could probably find a few sites offering .abc files. For a list of recommended sites for finding LOTRO-specific .abc files, see the list at the bottom of this article.

How Do I Download/Save Music Files?

When you find a Music file, you will either be able to download a .abc file directly, like you would download any file from the internet, or you may be presented with the raw data from the file.

If you want to save the data to your computer, you need to do the following:

  1. Copy the data into a text editor such as Notepad.
  2. Click Save As... to bring up the save window.
  3. Navigate to your My Documents folder. This is usually something like:
    C:\Documents & Settings\Name\My Documents
  4. Click to enter the folder The Lord of the Rings Online
  5. Click to enter the folder Music
    NOTE: If this is your first time saving music, you will need to click New Folder to create a folder and call it Music
  6. Change Save as type: to All Files (*.*)
  7. Enter a name for the song, followed by .abc - DO NOT USE SPACES! - For example:
    British National Anthem could be saved as
  8. CONGRATULATIONS! You have saved your song!

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Playing Music

Before you can play music, you must equip an instrument. Then follow these steps:

  1. Type /music into the chat window and press enter (it doesn't matter what chat channel you are in). Your character will get out their instrument.
  2. Type /play songname - where songname is the name of the .abc file you saved earlier (but without the .abc at the end). For Example:
    To play the saved file, you would type /play BritishNationalAnthem
  3. Your song will now play automatically!

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Synchronising Music Playback With Other Players

Synchronising music allows a fellowship (or raid) to begin playing music at exactly the same time, so if you are playing music with several parts, it will not be out of time. When you try to play music synchronised, the song(s) will begin automatically once all members have typed their /play commands, or after a short duration.

To play synchronised music with your fellowship or raid, you simply add the word sync to the end of your /play command. For example:
/play BritishNationalAnthem would become /play BritishNationalAnthem sync

You will see messages in chat that " is ready to play ". Once all players are ready, the group leader can start playback by typing /playstart into the chat window.

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Places to Download Music Files

This is a list of some sites which host msuic files specifically for the purposes of LOTRO.

The Rangers of Eriador


We have our own little song database comprised of leadership checked & approved songs. You can be guaranteed that these songs sound great with the recommended instruments. Our song database also allows our kinsmen to quickly find and save songs that the kin may be playing at some point as a group.

The Fat Lute


NOTE: The Fat Lute site is currently down for an unspecified length of time, so links will not work

A massive source of song files, this site will probably have what you are looking for. However, since it is open for all to publish songs, there can be a huge difference in the quality of certain songs. It's still a good place to find and try new material, so check it out.

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