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Permissions & Commands

Post by Balthelion » Sun Apr 01, 2012 4:05 pm

Inherits: None
Players: Everyone not in a higher group

  • Can Build
  • Chest Shops - Can create normal shops, and buy/sell from shops
  • Catacombs - Can use the following catacombs commands:
    • /cat gold - Lists your current gold
    • /cat list - Lists all dungeons in the world
    • /cat recall - Returns you to the entrance of the dungeon you are in (must be inside a dungeon)
  • iConomy - Can use the following iConomy commands:
    • /money - Shows the contents of your wallet
    • /money help - Shows you help for all iConomy commands you have permissions to use.
    • /money pay <player> <amount> - Pays another player using money from your wallet.
  • qQuests - Can use ALL qQuests commands:
    • /q - Displays all qQuests commands
    • /q help - Displays all qQuests commands
    • /q give - Gives you a random quest from those available.
    • /q give <name> - Gives you a specific quest if you know the name.
    • /q info - Displays information about your current quest - Including name, rewards & whether it is repeatable
    • /q tasks - Displays the list of objectives for your current quest.
    • /q done - Hands in your current task once you have completed all objectives
    • /q drop - Drops your current quest, allowing you to take another (Note: you may have to pay a money penalty for quitting)
  • Thunder Tower - Can create & destroy thunder towers:
    • /tthelp - Displays the requirements for building a thunder tower
  • DeathTP
    • /deathtp - Teleports you to the location of your last death. Consumes 1 diamond, which you must have in your hand when using the command.
    • Can Create a Tomb sign - Place a sign and write "[Tomb]" (no quotes) on the first line to create a sign that tracks your total deaths and last cause of death.
  • Server Commands - Can use the following server commands:
    • /me <text> - Emotes the specified text
    • /tell <player> <message> - Sends the specified player a private message
    • /kill - Commits suicide
    • /list - Lists all currently connected players (also available via TAB key)
Inherits: Default
Players: Halathor, Daelthein

  • Catacombs - Can use the following additional iConomy commands:
    • /cat goto <dungeon> - Teleports you to the named dungeon
  • iConomy - Can use the following additional iConomy commands:
    • /money <player> - Shows the contents of another player's wallet
  • Mob Disguise - Can use ALL Mob Disguise commands:
    • /md types - Lists all mob types you are allowed to disguise as
    • /md <mob> - Disguises you as the specified mob
    • /md p <player> - Disguises you as the specified player. Note that your skin, name above your head and name in chat will chage appropriately but NOT your name in the TAB screen
    • /md stats - Tells you whether or not you are disguised, and what as.
    • /md - Returns you to human form if you are disguised.
  • Server Commands - Can use the following server commands:
    • /ban <player> - Bans the specified player from the server, and kicks them
    • /banlist - Lists all banned players
    • /kick <player> <player> - Kicks the specified player from the server (they are able to reconnect)
    • /say <message> - Sends a message as a server broadcast.
    • /whitelist <add/remove> <player> - Adds/Removes palyer from the Whitelist.
    • /whitelist list - Lists all players on the Whitelist.
    • /whitelist reload - Reloads the Whitelist file into the servers memory (after a player has been added/removed)
Inherits: Mod
Players: LeoxStryker

  • PermissionsBukkit - Can use ALL permissions commands.
  • Catacombs - Can use ALL Catacombs commands
  • Chest Shops - Can use ALL Chest Shop commands (includes creating Server shops)
  • iConomy - Can use ALL iConomy commands
  • Server Commands - Can use the following server commands:
    • /pardon <player> - Pardons the specified player (unban)
    • /whitelist <on/off> - Enables/disables the use of the Whitelist on the server (only people on the Whitelist can connect)
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