Rubicon 1.3

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Rubicon 1.3

Post by Arc » Wed Mar 12, 2014 1:49 pm

Rubicon 1.3 has been deployed, and introduces new features and bugfixes as well as balancing updates and improvements to the user interface.

"A test project regarding ship skins will be started to gather feedback and data, the drone assist mechanic receives a cap on how many drones can be assigned to a single person, the graphic and art assets get renovated, the UI receives improvements with many Little Things, ships are rebalanced, two more mobile tractor beams will be introduced, new ways to get the Sisters of EVE faction ships will be available and more."

Full patch notes: ... ubicon-1.3
Archturus (the 'h' is silent!!) -- Rune-keeper, 105; Tailor
Deorwen -- Warden, 88+; Jeweller (+ Cook)
Gilbrindal -- Captain, 100; Historian
Kitsunegari -- Huntress, 100; Weaponsmith
Safirlotus -- Minstrel, (65+); Scholar
Skullrend -- Guardian, (52+); Jeweller
Nareraumo -- LM, (40+); Yeoman

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