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Post by Balthelion » Fri Mar 23, 2012 9:36 pm

This plugin is disabled


The quest plugin allows for simple quests on the server which can rewar you with money and other items


/q give
Gives you a random quest from the pool.

/q give questName
Gives you a specific quest, if you enter the title.

/q drop
Drops your current quest (allowing you to collect another). This incurs a penalty of ____ Silver (If you can't pay the penalty, you can't drop the quest).

/q info
Displays the information for your current quest - Includes: Title, Whether it is repeatable, and the rewards.

/q tasks
Lists the current objective(s) of your quest.

/q done
Turns in a quest once you have completed the objective(s), and provides your reward.

/q -or- /q help
Displays the help text, listing the above commands


Use /q give to get a quest

Complete the quest objectives and use /q done to hand it in for your reward.
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