Flashpoint - The False Emperor

The Rangers of Endor
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Flashpoint - The False Emperor

Post by Obion » Sun Jan 29, 2012 3:56 pm

Just typing what I remember.

Quest starts on Illum Rep base, quest is given there. 4 man instance on a Imperial space station which ends with Darth Malgus.

You will be running on plattforms, mobs consists of droids, sharpshooters, empire guards and assorted minions. Just hack and slash though them all.

First boss "Tregg the Destroyer" - Trandoshan sword swinger
Nasty aoe and random jumps between group members
Spread out so you don't all get hit when he does his aoe swirl with the swords

Second Boss "Jindo Krey" - Mercenary (think Jabba Fett)
Has a ship he remote controls. Activate the turret to help out with the ship. As the turrets start to fire the ship will move away and start shooting missiles. A red circle will be put on the groun where the missile will land. Try not to stand there but having Jindo standing in the circle makes him take damage.
So, move Jindo around to the different circles but try to stay out of them yourself.
Ship will be destroyed and after that it turns into a tank and spank. Jindo has a few 3 sec stuns he can apply to random member. he also jumps around abit so the tank has some running to do.

Third boss "A-14 and B-16" - Droid twins
One will be activated while the other is blue (sleeping non damageble)
Tank will need to look out for the blue and change target, everyone else just follow the tank. It is pretty obvious which one is active.
Blue circle on the flooor - stand inside it to avoid taking extra damage.
Nothing extra just dps the heck out of them.

Fourth boss "HK-47" - Assasination droid
This dude can one shot you quite easily.
He will ranomly stun a member and dissapear. He will show up close to the stuned person. Be ready for aoe on that spot.
Tank make sure HK faces away from group.
There will also be a random blue circle on the floor around one of the members. Move away from the group, stand still, and as soon as it turns red, run out of the circle. Nasty missile will land there and it is not pleasant.
2 turrets will spawn, one on each side. They will have a green shield and can't be hurt. You can use the missile to take down the shield. But better to just ignore them all together and stay on HK-47.

I found this one to be the hardest as HK has so many things going and he can put a sniper mark on you which means insta death for most people

Fifth Boss "Chondrus behrami" - Melee Twilek
Nasty spinning move that will do alot of damage. Important to interrupt.
Nothing special otherwise

Sixth Boss "Sith Entity" - Just a Sith dude
has the skills a Sith have, lightning show, knockback and stuns. Interrupt lightning
Will add 3 companions to the fight after a while, will do so a few times during the boss fight. A healer, dps and acaster. As always kill the healer first. tank can also try and group them all up and aoe through them. Killing healer first is very important though. Once the adds are dead the entity will come back and the fight is back on a single target.

End boss "Darth Malgus" - Über Sith
Will randomly attack a member, nothing to do just survive it.
He has knockback and since the fight is on a plattform you risk beeing punted of and die.
try to tank him a bit away from the group as he has aoe skills.
Also will stun whole group except one who he will put all his attention on. Some nice running is in order until the stuns wear off.
At 50% health he get something "Unlimited power" - interrupt or die horribly.
When Malgus gets below 15% morale it is time to stop dps. This is the "Return of the jedi" moment where you have to throw the Emperor (Malgus) down the hole.
Move Malgus to one of the edges and use knockback to throw him down. Needs 2 knockbacks within 3 seconds and has to be done while he casts lightning or he will just ignore you.
He can't die any other way and will eventually kill you all = utter failure

An experiensed group could make it in about 1.5 hours I think. With a new group it will be long fight.

There are also side quests that you can do along the way for more rewards.

The good thing is that if you die you can transport back to medic center and just go back in. If there is a cutscene, like for HK-47 and Malgus you will be instantly near the fight. If not you will have to use the two legs to get back, and it can be a long run.
You can even do a quick repair at the medic droid before you jump back in.

Also found a nice video for the bosses - http://youtu.be/red4nxD5FMI

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