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The Tower of Orthanc (ToO)

Posted: Mon Dec 12, 2011 2:43 pm
by Balthelion
Post tips and tricks here

Re: The Tower of Orthanc (ToO)

Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 3:28 am
by Grim
Pugged a couple of wings today to give myself an idea of whats going on in here and got througha couple of wings on tier 1 so brain dump time! Dont blame me if Im slightly wrong about some of the trash makeups!



Consists of 3 pulls

Pull 1 - 2 160k Trolls, 4 80k white hand ruffians

Pretty simple, the ruffians have a leadership buff that buffs all allies within a certain radius, it also stacks with more ruffians around. If I remember correctly it gives +10% melee ranged and tactical damage per buff. Best to keep the ruffians stunned and tank the trolls. Trolls do some nasty aoe so stay behind them. Kill trolls then ruffians one by one. One of the mobs here also gives out a disease that gives an AOE stun if not potted within about 6 seconds - very similar to OD.

Pull 2 - 3 80k white hand ruffians, 5 35k white hand warriors

Again not too hard, ruffians have the same buff as before, keep them stunned and pull the warriors away. The warriors can give themselves morale bubbles similar to a champ, just bring them down asap then pick off the ruffians one by one. Again pot any diseases.

Pull 3 - 2 160k trolls, 3 80k white hand ruffians, 4 35k white hand warriors

Bit tougher, stun the ruffians, tank the trolls away from the group and bring down the warriors nice and quickly. Take out the trolls fast and pick off the ruffians as before. Watch out for diseases as before.


This wing finishes up with 2 600k giants - one deals fire damage and the other frost damage, rather unsurprisingly :) When you start attacking one, you gain a debuff that gives -100% fire or frost mitigation depending on which you attack - if you attack the fire giant, you get a frost debuff and vice versa. Once you get the debuff, you have it for the rest of the fight. Because each giant deals fire/frost aoe they need to be kept apart. There is a big rotating chandelier with funny lights on it that may or may not have something to do with the fight (not sure). The layout of the room is as below:
firefrost.png (5.73 KiB) Viewed 17491 times
firefrost.png (5.73 KiB) Viewed 17491 times
The 5 squares are just small platforms that dont seem to have any bearing on the fight, but are convenient for positioning. Frost giant spawns on A, fire on B. Tank the frost on C and fire on D both facing back towards their respective spawn points. Frost tanks group should stand at E and fires at F. This positioning keeps both groups seperate, protects everyone from the worst of the giants aoe and allows adds to be dealt with efficiently when they spawn.

Each fellowship should deal with their giant seperately to minimise elemental damage due to the debuffs. At about 450k they start spawning adds. When the frost giant says 'Frost courses through my veins' then he spawns a 30k frost grim. When fire giant says 'Fire burns within' then he spawns a 30k firegrim. As soon as these grims spawn, each fellowship needs to take down their respective grim as fast as possible. Champs/captains need to make sure the grims dont cross to the other fellowship or theyll take a lot of damage because of the debuff. When they first spawn, grims will absorb ALL damage and will keep doing so until you try to 'control' them - you have to cc them before you can hit them. These grims spawn on a timer so need to kill them asap or theyll stack up pretty quick! A few people suggested the rotating chandelier may also have something to do with the amount of adds spawning but it was very unclear, more research required!

At 300k or so, the giants start doing BIG aoe knockbacks that were doing 2-3k to everyone in range. Only done this once so not completely sure of this mechanic but this is how I think it works! Before the giants perform this aoe attack, they get a corruption that reads something like 'power attack - the giant is charging up a powerful attack'. If you remove this quickly enough (induction is about 7 seconds) the attack can be avoided which is very desirable! It also seemed that letting the giant get this attack off increased the amount of adds he spawned so remove this corruption as a priority! DPS giants until dead :)

Couldnt guess at what new mechanics t2 introduces but apparently challenge mode is to kill them at the same time much like BG twins.

Re: The Tower of Orthanc (ToO)

Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 4:51 am
by Grim


Pull 1 - 1 80k white hand taskmaster, 4 35k deep claw haulers, 2 160k trolls

This trash is quite challlenging and starts to bring in some of the new mechanics that make orthanc infamous! Deep claws are relatively simple to kill, just burn them, trolls are just trolls - big aoe damage, keep away from groups and squishys until ready to deal with them. The taskmaster is where it gets really nasty! Firstly he has a leadership buff that buffs all nearby allies in much the same way as the ruffians in fire/frost - allies in a certain raidus gain +20% melee range and tactical damage as well -25% inc damage (not sure about that one). This buff also stacks if theres more than one taskmaster about. Secondly he casts healing spots in a manor similar to Ivar in OD - big green spots on the floor in which all enemies get healed (2k every 3 seconds in this case) - pretty sure this stacks as well so enemies need to be moved out of them asap. As far as I could tell he was casting these on other enemies - centred on his allies rather than on players like in ivar, though I may be mistaken about this - whole group should stay grouped up just in case! Thirdly, taskmasters have buffs called ADAPTION. This is the nasty buff Im sure many of you have heard about that makes them immune to a particular type of cc once its been used on them (stuns, fears, roots, mezs). This means they cannot be permanantly locked down so everything needs to die pretty quick! For this trash pull, stun the taskmaster first, get a tank to drag the trolls away and burn the deep claws down. When the stun wears off the taskmaster, use some other sort of cc on him to get locked down until the deep claws are dead. Now kill the taskmaster, then finish off the trolls. Trolls can also be stunned if the tanks are taking too much damage. To make this trash a little bit harder, these trash pulls also have unattackable deep claws that run along set paths around the room. If youre in the way of them then you get an unpottable wound that does 900 damage every 2 seconds, so try and stay out their way!

Pull 2 - 2 160k trolls, 3 80k white hand taskmasters, 3 35k deep claw haulers

Again, cc the taskmasters and keep them locked down for as long as possible, tank the trolls and burn the deep claws at the start. Once taskmasters are up, stun the trolls and take out the taskmasters, then finish off the trolls. The unattackable deep claws that give wounds are also roaming around again so stay away.

Pull 3 - 2 160k trolls, 4 80k white hand taskmasters, 3 35k deep claw haulers

Pretty much exactly the same, except with an extra taskmaster to deal with!


Lightning wing boss is one big troll with 1.4 million morale whos main damage type is lightning obviously! He hits VERY hard - I was getting hit for 5k (not even crits) on my super tank so watch out! Super squishys are liable to get oneshotted very easily. Few interesting mechanics to learn about:

-Static - Static is a debuff that the boss gives to whoever he's attacking. The longer he attacks you for the higher your static level gets, once it gets to level 10 you will explode, killing you and anyone near you instantly. Once the tanks static level reaches 7 or so, another tank/champ needs to take aggro fast! The first tank should just move away from the boss for a while and let your static level decrease a bit (goes down one tier every 6 seconds) - basically just a bog standard aggro swap.

-Steam - This another debuff but it effects all players in the fight, not just those with aggro. As far as i can tell it just tiers up over time, so faster you kill him, the less effect it has on you. The debuff gives +5% melee, ranged and tactical damage but also increases incoming damage by +5% per tier. You also get a couple of little bars in this fight that show your steam and static levels without having to check your debuffs all the time!

-Lightning Adds - not sure about when he summons these, but the boss periodically summons lighting elhudans. These need to be killed quite quickly, but only by ranged classes - if you kill them when youre nearby them, then they explode, causing a lot of damage. Move away and range them to death :)

-Lightning beams - when the boss gets to about half morale, he'll start shouting out peoples names then hitting them with a sustained beam of lightning that damages that player while the beam is active. If any other players move through that beam, then they will also get hit by a lightning beam, so stay well clear.

DPS til dead then grab yourself some nice loot :) Again no idea about tier 2, but there were some selectable but unattackable crystals on the ceiling which I assume play some sort of part (each had 30k morale).

Re: The Tower of Orthanc (ToO)

Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 5:27 pm
by Rasmil
With the lightning boss you dont really need to kill the lights as long as you all group up when he says "storms come" as the damage is distributed and if spit between enough people nothing a minstrel cant heal with one inspire fellows.
Also the explode level 10 static thing doesnt seem to be actually a guaranteed 1 shot just a massive hit (although will still be 1 shot for all except 20k morale tanks)

Re: The Tower of Orthanc (ToO)

Posted: Wed Dec 14, 2011 6:57 pm
by Balthelion
Some points on the lightning boss in addition to Grim's post 0

Steam Mechanic
It flows in one direction each time, leaving a certain space (like a corner) steam free. So if the tank is watching he can move appropriately to avoid taking more damage. DPS group generally likes the debuff (on tier 1 at least)

Chain Lightning
Can affect up to four people. Can form a box.

Ceiling Crystals
These are indeed a T2 mechanic, and the troll charges them to electrify the floor. I *think* Challenge involves not destroying them, and working with what space you have left (making the fight a dps race, and hard to reset steam mechanics etc). T2 NM they can just be destroyed, which ofc gives you a guaranteed safe spot.

Tier 2 Fire Frost will involve something to do with the Fire-Frost attunement debuff.

Sounds like they've thankfully nerfed the special attacks.

Re: The Tower of Orthanc (ToO)

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:08 pm
by andrac
One question, can we use the instance finder for the raid? i think the bonus on power/morale can be usefull.

Re: The Tower of Orthanc (ToO)

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:11 pm
by Hardric
Doesn't work on raids

Re: The Tower of Orthanc (ToO)

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:10 pm
by Hal
If only we could Andy. Instance finder is useless for all but the foundry atm

Re: The Tower of Orthanc (ToO)

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:53 pm
by Hardric
For 3-man, instead of a minimum of 1 healer OR 1 tank, it should be 1 healer + 1 heavy, perhaps, although heavy would have to include warden... and maybe burg or hunter. Aye, it's not easy. 1 healer + 1 medium/heavy? Or possibly Tank + 2x LM. Or Tank + 2x Burg. I give up. Just not RK, Mini, LM.....

I know. Has to be:

1 tank + someone who can heal just a little bit (ie. incl. LM and burg)


1 healer + someone who can tank a little bit (ie. medium armour classes included)

I.F. buffs need to compensate for the weakest possible combos.

Re: The Tower of Orthanc (ToO)

Posted: Thu Dec 15, 2011 3:25 pm
by Balthelion
The system was designed more to get people together than to ensure best combinations. For that, theres the other ways of grouping up.