Throne of the Dread Terror (TDT)

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Throne of the Dread Terror (TDT)

Post by Aedfrith » Thu Jul 07, 2016 8:19 am

New raid that's come out with Pelennor Fields. 6 bosses. So far, have killed 1st boss on t1 and looked at 2nd fight.

The article on ... ad-terror/ forms the basis for this post and (edited) is in blue but I'll intersperse with Rangers thoughts in black.

Boss #1: Rakothas
T2 Challenge: Use no more than 1 Powder Keg during the boss fight.

Hemorrhage: Bleed tiers up on tanks, swap aggro to let it die off. It is essential that the tanks communicate with each other.
Distributed damage (Jagged Cleave): Stand on each tank (within 5m) to mitigate the damage.
Adds: Adds spawn at every 20% of the boss’s health. Kill adds and go back to DPSing the boss.

The Powder Keg removes the boss's DPS buff. All group up and stand on your respective group. Zerg like baus, AOE mobs, max DPS (though burg should stay yellow to debuff boss damage). Ensure tanks swap when Haemorrhage gets to tier 3, and pop survival skills at the end of the fight.

Boss 1 to Boss 2: Grab adds and run to start of Boss 2 fight or adds will respawn. The adds are similar to those you'll get in the Boss 2 fight. Stay on the left side of the path at all times to avoid aggroing extra adds. Kill Warmasters first, then death chanters, then rest while ccing archers and tanks line-of-sighting them rather than going towards them to ensure you don't get extra adds.

Boss #2: Mumaks (Set-Akaji / Arpong-Dokh / Ku-Nerpag)
T2 Challenge: No player can die before the Mumaks are down

Stay out of targeted circles (just like mumak in Quays of Harlond).
If you get a coloured eye, move away from the group (but stay in heal range); failing to do so will stun the group.
Adds spawn at 10% of each Mumak’s health. When a Mumak's health gets below 55% the adds also start spawning every minute. Burn each Mumak to 60% and then burn one at a time.
Add kill Order: War-masters > Champions > Archers
Stampeding mumaks come at intervals and 1-shot; jump on rocks to stay out of their way.

This is a complicated fight.
RoE strategy is for one tank (preferably one with self-heals - a captain, warden or bear) to grab all 3 mumaks at start of fight and run right across to east side of arena, where stampeding never spawn AND mumaks will not reach group if they turn away from tank. Then the other ("main") tank pulls 1 mumak to group and they dps that mumak and its spawning adds until it's dead. As soon as mumak 1 dies, other tank brings mumaks and adds to group then pulls mumaks away again until adds are dead. Then brings mumaks back, for group to DPS 1 mumak. Rinse and repeat avoiding stampedes. When only 1 mumak is alive, main tank takes and kites adds while mumak tank brings mumak to group for them to dps it (and zerg if feeling confident). Once mumak is dead, deal with adds.

If 3 tanks are available, can have a main tank, add tank and mumak tank. Captains should go yellow or blue - red not really needed.

Boss #3: Vadokhar
T2 Challenge: Only kill one type of element (Fire or Gloom)

Remove corruptions from glooms ASAP. Killing a Gloom or Flame near the boss will allow the boss to be damaged (removes negative IC damage buff) but will buff the boss’s damage; only kill them when it is needed. Priority Order: Remove Corruptions > Kill Gloom or Flame to remove the negative IC damage buff on the boss > DPS boss.

For T2 and T2C I'm expecting lots of CC to be needed, maybe yellow burg AND LM, even yellow hunter. Any class that adds incoming damage will be useful.
Tank should not move at all except to pull boss into puddles.

Boss #4: The Unbroken One
T2 Challenge: Remove all corruptions from The Unbroken One before killing any of the 4 mini bosses.
Bracers hold The Unbroken One in place (cannot do damage); killing them will release The Unbroken One so corruptions can be removed. The second round of bracers should not be killed; leave them to hold the boss. Once the Unbroken One is initially freed, all classes should spam corruption removals.
Boss throws down a vortex on the ground periodically; move away from it or it will pull you in.
If you get a red eye, stop all DPS until it disappears.

On T1 this is very very easy. Tank should keep Unbroken One on his platform, and kill jelly babies.

Boss #5: The Woe of Khand / The High Sorcerer of Harad
T2 Challenge: Kill the two bosses within 10 seconds of each other.

Keep the two bosses separated; you cannot damage them otherwise. Kill Corrupted Crawlers ASAP. Don’t step on regular crawlers, they will fear you.

T1 strategy is to kill the left boss. Must keep him in the light. If you get an eye, run away from the group and try not to make the eye explode on crawlers.

Boss #6: Several Bosses
T2 Challenge: Timer

Gothmog (phase 1) – Tank and spank. Dread-Beast – Tank and spank; if you get purple eye he will chase you.
Amarthiel / Mordrambor – Mord should be fought by melees, Amarthiel by tacticals. They reflect the other type of damage. Pull them into the forge to remove their buffs.
Gothmog (phase 2) – Zerg him, pull him to the RIGHT when blue walls spawn, stay out of green poo dropped by skeletons.
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Re: Throne of the Dread Terror (TDT)

Post by Vimegorn » Thu Jul 07, 2016 6:16 pm

my my, sounds tasty, when u planning on some guild runs ? hopefully I will be available to jump in :) *crossessfingers*

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Re: Throne of the Dread Terror (TDT)

Post by Aedfrith » Fri Nov 18, 2016 11:41 am

Having done several Rakothas T2C runs with different tactics, I would now like to get a few extra thoughts down on paper here.

Things I've learned:
- If doing 6/6, better to have a debuff/physical group and a tactical DPS group.
The debuff/physical group should be non-captain tank, yellow burg, yellow or orange LM, blue minstrel, yellow champ for Rend (but paradoxically single-target preferably!) and random (burg/red champ/warden/hunter). It's THIS group that should move when the barrel is placed.
The ideal tactical group is 3 RKs, yellow minstrel, blue captain with Banner of War, and yellow captain. The blue captain should song-bro one of the RKs - ideally the one who lasts

- It's very useful to have a captain tank simply for Last Stand, hehe. The other tank should have good AOE taunt skills; both guard and warden are useful. If you instead have 2 guards, then a 1-10-1 "ping pong" strategy might work at 25% where both tanks stand right on the edge, and Fray Rako between them, while the 10 DPSers/debuffers stand off to one side.

- The blue and red captains should be able to keep Banner of War up at all times - as soon as one cappy's banner times out the other cappy will place it.

- People in each group should stand in a line close to each other, not all in a ball, and LMs and cappys should add pets some distance away so the distributed splat hits them. It triggers every 10 sec.

- The best classes to grab and place the barrel are a burg or blue hunter. The barrel should be placed at one side of the troll and people near it (5m? not sure) should be warned to move away.

- Best time to activate the barrel is 40-35% of morale so it goes off at 30-25%.

- At 25% Rakothas enrages. This is when both tanks should have DNF. Captain tank should immediately Last Stand, while the physical/debuff group should move back a few paces. When Last Stand is about to time out the OTHER tank should grab aggro and immediately RUN AWAY to the edge of the arena, kiting Rako as long as he can and keeping as much distance between him and Rako as possible (and not turning him into group). RKs should keep plenty of DNFs spare for this moment. This is when the red cappy should OBs and banner. Cappy should try and Shield of the Dunedain the other tank (or himself) as applicable. Champs may need to gain a few seconds. It's now when all ranged DPS has to go crazy.

- Contrary to what you might suppose, it's easier if you DON'T kill the adds. They buff the boss every time they die. CC defilers, let the non-capt tank get the other orcs with war-chant/DC/EoB/Conv/Challenge etc. This means that RKs should go single-target and champ should try to minimise AOE.
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