What You Should Know About Playing With... Captains

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What You Should Know About Playing With... Captains

Post by Balthelion » Fri Aug 19, 2011 10:53 am

What You Should Know About Playing With... Captains

The Captain is a support class. It very much adheres to the saying of "Jack of all trades, master of none". In other words, the captain can fulfill just about any role (tank, healer etc), but it won't do it as well as the specialised classes. Correctly geared, Captains make capable healers for 3-man content or even some 6-mans where group composition and tactics allow. Captains however fall well short of the healing ability of Minstrels or rune-keepers.

Combat Style
The Captain is a heavy armour melee class which lacks ranged attacks (except for a few cries and shouts). Captains Use buffs and banners to affect the combat style of themselves and their fellows - Damage buffs, attack speed buffs, morale return buffs etc.

Captains have relatively low DPS compared to other classes due to their support role (and many nerfs since Moria). As such, support duties (off-healing, pulling mobs off healers etc) take priority over DPSing. Captains will however be in the thick of the action as heavy armour melee characters.

Captains make great off-tanks when it comes to pulling agro off of healers or otherwise agroing single targets at a time. This support role means that the Captain-exclusive Halberd weapon type is superior to all other options due to the increased threat generation (The clue is in the "captain-exclusive" part). They can take a lot of beating thanks to their heavy armour, usually combined with defensive mitigation traits (Innocence or Tolerance for Melee or Tactical defense) and a defense scroll on their Legendary Captains Emblem.

Captains can buff their fellows to inspire them on to greater deeds. The Captain has 3 primary buffs (which are usually applied as part of the set-up before a fight, although remain usable in combat. The first is In Defense of Middle Earth - This requires the Legendary Trait of the same name to be slotted. This buff provides an increase to all stats for its duration. The second is Motivating Speech. This increases the Maximum Morale of nearby fellows by 5% (10% with maxed legacy) for the duration. Lastly are the Tactics Buffs (Tactic: On Guard, Tactic: Relentless Attack & Tactic: Focus). These buffs increase the targets Parry Rating, Critical Rating or In-Combat Power Regeneration respectively. Only one tactic can be active per target at any time.

Captains also have a variety of other buffs which can be used to enhance either the entire fellowship or individual targets, which includes but is not limited to: Increasing Incoming Damage on a target, abosrbing damage that the fellowship takes, marking targets with marks that heal fellows that attack it and more.

Captains are able to carry and use Three unique banners. Banners are items crafted by tailors and occupy the "Ranged" slot on the character screen. Banners have unique passive bonuses (which appear on the tooltip) when slotted, which only apply to the captain. The Captain can use the slotted banner item to deploy the banner onto the Battlefield, which then supplies all nearby fellows which further buffs. Banners of Hope focus on enhancing the fellowship's maximum morale and In-Combat Morale Regen. Banners of Victory focus on increasing the fellowship's maximum power and in-combat power regen. Banners of War focus on increasing the fellowship's Might and Agility. Only One Pet/Herald can be slotted at any time. Slotting a different Banner/Herald will dismiss any currently summoned/deployed on the battlefield.

Heralds have the same (though slightly lesser) effects as banners. However they are summonable pets which can also attack and use their own skills. Additionally there is a fourth Archer Herald pet. This provides no buffs, and focuses solely on being a damage-dealing pet. Heralds can be improved using Armaments crafted by Tailors. Only One Pet/Herald can be slotted at any time. Slotting a different Banner/Herald will dismiss any currently summoned/deployed on the battlefield.

Captains are the only class that can truly res in-combat (and without traiting). Minstrels can apply a legendary trait to also give themselves an in-combat res (Rally!) and Rune-keepers can apply a 1m buff which will revive the target if they fall. Also, Loremasters can self-res if they are using the Legendary trait Eagle pet.

Captains have two Res skills. Cry of Vengeance is a reaction-skill which becomes active when someone in the captains group (fellowship or raid) dies within 25m of him. When used, this will revive a target within 10m of him. Note the difference in ranges - When this skill becomes active you should find the fallen target and move close to them before using this skill, or you might waste it. Cry of Vengeance can be improved to res two targets if traited. This skill is usable in-combat. The second skill is Blood of Numenor. This is an extremely powerful res skill which resses a single target with significant morale and power reserves. It can also be used in combat

Captains are capable off-healers, and can even main heal most instances (not raids) depending on traits, difficulty & group composition. Captains use a skill called Words of Courage to heal targets at the expense of some of their morale (3s cd). Captains also using a skill called Rallying cry to heal their fellowship. This has a 45s cd, but can be reduced by 30s with the legacy, and even further by using either 4-Helegrod or 5-DN armour pieces, to reduce the cd to 6s or 8s respectively. This skill also requires a defeat response from killing an enemy before it can be used. Captains can self-heal using the traited Muster Courage Skill. Captains can also mark a target with Revealing Mark which means that any fellows that attack the target will heal for 15% of any damage they deal.
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