Kinhouse Chests

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Kinhouse Chests

Post by Balthelion » Tue Jan 10, 2012 12:52 am

We have three chests in the kinhouse which we use to store various items for the benefit of the kin. These chests can only be accessed by officers to prevent theft. You can however ask an Officer nicely if they can check for any of these items and give them to you.

Chest 1 - Class Quest Items

This chest contains items for the level 45 class quests.

Tier 1 Items are things you have to collect yourself from around Middle-Earth. We cannot collect these for you.

Tier 2 Items are the looted items which drop from many mobs level 40+. These make up the bulk of what we have on offer in the kinhouse. These stack up to 100, and we will try to keep stocks of at least 100 at all times.

Tier 3 Items are the final items for the quests which can be found by killing the bosses in Urugarth & Carn Dum in Angmar. Stocks of any of these items are quite rare, and wholly dependant on donations from kinnies or kin runs from these instances. As such, we keep any and all of these items, even if we end up with multiples.

What's available (subject to stock):

Tier 2:
  • Hooked Warg Claws - Guardian, Rune-Keeper
  • Splintered Warg Claws - Champion, Minstrel
  • Clouded Worm Eyes - Hunter, Minstrel
  • Hateful Worm Eyes - Burglar, Captain, Lore-master
  • Corrosive Droplets - Minstrel, Rune-Keeper
  • Bubbling Droplets - Champion, Lore-master
  • Gem-encrusted Nails - Guardian, Warden
  • Glossy Cave-claw Skins - Burglar, Hunter
  • Mottled Spider Mandibles - Champion, Guardian
  • Coiled Spider Spinnerets - Captain, Warden
  • Revered Wight Remains - Lore-master, Minstrel, Warden
  • Putrid Fingernails - Hunter, Lore-master
  • Corroded Neekerbreeker Horns - Captain, Hunter, Rune-Keeper
  • Unyielding Drake Scales - Burglar, Guardian
  • Venomous Dread Turtle Beak - Burglar, Hunter
  • Grisly Bat Talons - Captain, Guardian, Minstrel
  • Rotted Barghest Paws - Captain, Rune-Keeper
  • Barbed Barghest Tails - Champion, Warden
Tier 3:
  • Ashen Gorthorog Horn - Minstrel, Rune-Keeper
  • Badge of Command - Captain, Rune-Keeper
  • Bloodstained Tally Stick - Champion, Warden
  • Crimson Gorthorog Horn - Guardian, Warden
  • Cruel Talon of Azgoth - Burglar
  • Emblem of Ritual - Lore-master, Minstrel
  • Flawless Scale of Lhugrien - Champion, Guardian
  • Goblin Badge of Rank - Burglar, Lore-master, Minstrel
  • Insignia of Battle - Burglar, Champion, Hunter
  • Medallion of Passage - Captain, Hunter
  • Putrid Slime of Helchgam - Captain, Hunter, Lore-master
  • Rune of Evil Presence - Lore-master, Warden
  • Rune of Winged Dominance - Hunter, Minstrel, Rune-Keeper
  • Sigil of War - Champion, Guardian, Rune-Keeper
  • Warg-keeper's Token - Burglar, Guardian
  • Teeth of the Gorthorog - Captain, Warden

Chest 2 - Dyes

Common dyes (those made from world drop items) are usually available in stock in large numbers.
Rare dyes (those from rare farming mats) and Ultra-Rare dyes (those combining two dye mats) are generally low in stock or out of stock. We especially appreciate donations of dyes or dye mats for these colours.

List of Dyes:
Common: Black, Gold, Grey, Indigo, Navy, Olive, Rust, Sienna, Umber, White
Rare: Burgundy, Dark Green, Orange, Red, Turquoise, Violet
Ultra-Rare: Crimson, Ered Luin Blue, Evendim Blue, Forest Green, Purple, Ranger Green, Rivendell Green, Rose, Sea Blue, Yellow

Whats available (subject to stock)

We always need new dye making materials, especially for the rarer recipes. Please send all donations to Eoradain, or in the event his mailbox is full to Pendalas.

Chest 3 - Overflow

Chest 3 is used as an overflow for the other two chests. In Extreme cases, Balthelion's House is also used as an overflow chest.

Other Kin Stores

A supply of special items that are used as kin prizes for social events and lotteries etc is kept on Balthelion's alts. These items include - but are not limited to - Housing Items, Cosmetics, Fireworks, Consumables, Crafted Items, Rare (eg Festival) recipes.
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