Changes to Housing Storage for the Kin + Local Housing

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Changes to Housing Storage for the Kin + Local Housing

Post by Balthelion » Sat Aug 24, 2013 3:32 pm

Hey everyone. Following my decision yeserday to abandon my good old cottage next door to the kinhouse (across the river), and move into a new Deluxe house in the same neighbourhood, there will be some changes to how items are stored for the kinship.

Previously storage worked like this:

Requires Officer rank to access:
  • Chest 1 - Class Quest Items
  • Chest 2 - Dyes
  • Chest 3 - Overflow
My Private House
Requires specific per-character access granted by me:
  • Chest 1 - Additional Overflow

This will now change to the following: (As of Mon 26th Aug 2013)

Requires Officer rank to access:
  • Chest 1 - Tier 3 Class Quest Items (Boss drops from Carn Dum/Urugarth)
  • Chest 2 - Dyes
  • Chest 3 - Overflow
My Private House
Now accessible to ALL kin members
  • Chest 1 - Tier 2 Class Quest Items (Mob Drops), Common Tier 3 Class Quest Items
  • Chest 2 - Overflow / Give & Take Donations Box
Note: As is the case currently, everyone is welcome to ask Officers for any class quest items or dyes which are not publically available, which will be given to you subject to availability.

The Thought Process Behind This Decision
  • Kinhouse Chests used to be open to everyone in the kin until an incident a few years back where a particular individual stole the lot.
  • I Want to make things as accessible as possible, without risking "valuables".
  • My old standard house was at times open to all kinnies, but recently was just stuck full of Tier 3 class items that didn't go anywhere, because very few people had permission to remove items.
  • Unlike kinhouse permissions, where you can set permissions for each rank, private houses are "all or nothing" for kinship members, unless you add people on a per-character name basis
  • The value of class quest items (Particularly Tier 3) is a lot lower given that not only can they be bought at skirmish camps, but they drop a hell of a lot more with the new loot system, since everyone will get one.
  • Putting many of these items in a publically available place lets kinnies help themselves to things when they need it, instead of having to wait for an officer to be avilable.
  • Kinnies can take what they need, and place items they have which they dont need need back in the chests - Perfect for class quest items.
  • Kinnies have somewhere to deposit items (if space is available) without having to mail it to an officer.
  • The recent birthday celebrations have shown that kinnies are behaving responsibly, not being greedy, and happy giving items back as well as donating extra items for others to enjoy.

Lastly: There are a lot of houses now available in the Kinhouse neighbourhood

At last count, 14 Standard houses (4 of which are next to the kinhouse), and 4 Deluxe houses.

If you wanted to get a house in the kinhouse neighbourhood, but couldn't before because they were all taken - now is your chance!
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