4th Birthday - Kinhouse Chests

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4th Birthday - Kinhouse Chests

Post by Balthelion » Wed Aug 14, 2013 9:50 am

As part of the 4th birthday celebrations for the kin, I've replaced the usual items in the kinhouse chests with lots of free gifts that all kin members are welcome to take. The kinhouse chests have temporarily been made accessible to members of "kinsman" rank.

Since there is still A LOT of stuff I can give away, I'm going to leave these things in there for a couple of weeks (Probably until the end of August), and replace any items taken with the many more items i have in my bags and vault.

Don't be shy: If you can use it for one of your characters, or want to take something to use as a prize of some sort for a kin event, Please feel free to take something.

Items available include: Housing Items, Cosmetics, Consumable Buff Tomes, Consumable Travel Maps, Consumable Food, Items For lv10-85, and more!

I will be gradually restocking the chests with new items to replace ones that get taken. Remember to check regularly to see if any new items have appeared that you want.

Lv45 Class quest Items and Dyes are temporarily not stored in the kinhouse. If you need any of these items before they are returned to the kinchests, then please ask in this thread or send a mail to Freawyn - Make sure you name all items you need, as well as the specific quantity of each item that you need.
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Re: 4th Birthday - Kinhouse Chests

Post by andrac » Wed Aug 14, 2013 10:36 am

i will check and replace any items taken from my own provisions as well.
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