Draigoch T2 HM Thurs 8th, Sun 11th, Tues 13th

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Draigoch T2 HM Thurs 8th, Sun 11th, Tues 13th

Post by Dumnomii » Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:25 pm

Draigoch T2 HM

** Think last night knocked the sails out of people , but heh we normally win Draigoch so put it down to a bad night like when you got drunk and pulled that mooose, that has your phone number and will not leave you alone. But tiem to move on and kill that warty old scaly hide , again , repeatedly. **

We will be using the loot list (if you don't know what this is, or think it looks unfair/scary - don't worry, it isn't. check the kin parliament forum for more info on this system)
We will be doing signups on the forums instead of kin chat invites
You can only sign up on one date You may be able to bring a second character to the other run if we need a class you can provide. Invites will be opened up closer to thursday if required. Remember, you cannot use a character signed up for the second run in the first run.
Any Draigoch scales are suicided on in groups of 3 so you can instantly win a cloak. Any excess scales that can't make a lot of 3 will go to the kin. These scales will be brought along to future Draigoch raids to make units of 3 to be suicided on

We need to have specific group compositions due to the limited spaces available.

Signup Information

Signups are first come, first served.

Feel free to put yourself on the reserve list. These people will get first shot at any free slots on both nights. Also, watch out in kin chat on the night as we may need last minute replacements.

Red means that a person is tentatively booked in for a slot, but might get moved to the other day depending on signups. They will be locked in to a given slot at a later date depending on what other signups we get, so if this applies to you keep your eyes peeled.

Please arrive before 19:30 UK/GMT on the night so we can start on time.
Please ensure that you have COMPLETED the Pre-Quests beforehand also (Starting from Ariene in Galtrev, behind the Training Hall)
Make Sure TeamSpeak3 IS INSTALLED and connected before the raid start time. This is mandatory, you do not need to be able to talk but you must be able to listen to follow instructions.


To sign up, please provide:

The name of the character you wish to join as
Which day you want to sign up for (if you are able and willing to make both dates depending on what we need, please say so, and which you would prefer if given the choice)

Thursday 8th December 2011 @ 19:30 UK (GMT)
If you sign up for Thursday, you cannot come again on Sunday (but you can also sign up to tuesday with an alt)

Tank - Wiploc
Healer - Andracy
Captain - Ege
Minstrel - Sprig
Burglar - Bullet
Burglar/Random - Danfast LM
Captain - Hardric
DPS - Kiraail
DPS - Hal *Lead*
DPS - Elrindo (Hunter)
DPS/Random - Gorvadhros
DPS/Random - Rasmil (Champ)

Sunday 11th December 2011 @ 19:30 UK (GMT)
If you sign up for Sunday, you cannot come again on Thursday (but you can also sign up to Tuesday on an alt)

Tank - Khynareth
Healer - madrin (minnie)
Captain - Nost
Minstrel - Rasmil (minni)
Burglar - Rachie (Mad burgler who has definatly lost his marbles! Be afraid, be very afraid.)
Burglar/Random - Dumnomii
Captain - Saslic *Lead*
DPS - Albric (Champ)
DPS - Cronin (Hunter)
DPS - Cattiwen
DPS/Random - Ufast LM
DPS/Random - Grim (Tank)

Tuesday 13th December 2011 @ 19:30 UK (GMT)
Tuesday is NOT a guaranteed run - This will only go ahead if we have the numbers and correct classes to attempt a run.
If you sign up for tuesday, you can still sign up for the Thursday & Sunday main runs.

Tank - Netham
Healer - nost (RK)
Captain - Grim (Cappy)
Minstrel - Hardric
Burglar - Rumbold
Burglar/Random - Panthelion (Champ)
Captain - Hal
DPS - Flair (DPS RK)
DPS - Wip (Champ)
DPS - Johnarc (DPS Runie)
DPS/Random -
DPS/Random - orealdeal LM

Reserve Zamaya (may not be able to make tuesday)

NOTE You have 2 brand new minnies healing this one, I suggest it may be worht one of the RKs traiting / being prepared to give backup healing, though with 3 RKs (wow) in the raid it may not be neccesary. Im no RK expert :)

People who wish to join but haven't been able to make it into the list:
(Priority replacements for any no shows on both nights)

Prefered Character Setups / Tips

Burgs - Full QK Traited (5 red + capstone) + supply of marbles for maximum CJs.
Captains - Oathbreakers, Fellowship-Brother (for group dps To Arms) & IDOME
Ressers - ONLY use In-Combat Reses if asked by a raid leader - There are plenty out-of-combat moments to get people up in non-emergency situations
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Re: Draigoch T2 HM Thurs 8th, Sun 11th, Tues 13th

Post by Baz » Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:33 pm

Sprig - Minstrel for Thursday

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Master Guardsman
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Re: Draigoch T2 HM Thurs 8th, Sun 11th, Tues 13th

Post by Bullett » Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:33 pm

Burg for Thursday Plz

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Re: Draigoch T2 HM Thurs 8th, Sun 11th, Tues 13th

Post by Wiploc » Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:37 pm

Tank for Thursday. Champ for Tuesday.
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Re: Draigoch T2 HM Thurs 8th, Sun 11th, Tues 13th

Post by Egelinath » Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:40 pm

I'll come along on Thursday if there's room.

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Re: Draigoch T2 HM Thurs 8th, Sun 11th, Tues 13th

Post by Rasmil » Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:41 pm

Champ and mini for thursday and tuesday
Rasmil - level 75 champ
Polbro - level 75 mini

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Re: Draigoch T2 HM Thurs 8th, Sun 11th, Tues 13th

Post by elrindo » Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:42 pm

hunt for thurs plz

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Re: Draigoch T2 HM Thurs 8th, Sun 11th, Tues 13th

Post by Ufast » Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:45 pm

Lm/warden thursday or sunday
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Re: Draigoch T2 HM Thurs 8th, Sun 11th, Tues 13th

Post by Hardric » Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:52 pm

Captain Thurs
Healer Tues
LM Sunday if its allowed :P
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Re: Draigoch T2 HM Thurs 8th, Sun 11th, Tues 13th

Post by andrac » Wed Dec 07, 2011 7:53 pm

healer for thursday
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