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Lost Temple & Sari Surma (Lv65) - Sun 18th March 3pm UK

Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 11:41 pm
by Balthelion
Hi guys.

It's time for us to record the Lost Temple & Sari Surma instances for YouTube as part of the Enedwaith Coverage. We're looking to try and get a roughly on level group together, so ideally a group <lv80 would be nice.

Group composition is flexible. We have 3 spots available.

We're going to start mustering around 3pm UK time on Sunday 18th March, with a view towards kicking off before 4pm. I'm recording the In Their Absence story quests too, so there will be a little downtime between instances while I solo-record those.

Likely (though not confirmed yet), that we may be recording the Ost Dunhoth raid the following weekend, or possibly one weeknight. Happy to me more open to very high levels on that one just so we can get it recorded and out of the way.

Draigoch is also on the cards at some point, though not sure when.