Kin event - famous people invade Bree

Kin Events - planning and upcoming!
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Kin event - famous people invade Bree

Post by Aedfrith » Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:32 am

Ere's had quite a few comments, rightly, about his Superman and Captain America outfit. See ... 2547698445 for an example.

We ought to do a "Breaking the Fourth Wall" kin event in Bree sometime where we log our various "tribute outfit" toons. For example, my Oberyn Martell and Blackadder, and I could also turn the cappy into Indiana Jones quite easily. A dorf Santa Claus maybe (can lend snowbeast boots and a sack of presents) with lots of little hobbit presents (You-in-a-Box) running after him. Someone ought to do Batman, too. Also groups would be fun, e.g. Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman...

Bonus points for appropriate cosmetic pets (e.g. Aednoth's little friend Baldrick.)

Thoughts welcome. If enough interest, will post this on the Laurelin LOTRO forums and the FB group. Ideally a Wednesday or Saturday evening.
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Re: Kin event - famous people invade Bree

Post by Obion » Wed Jan 11, 2017 4:15 pm

Sounds great fun to me.
Have to give it some thoughts regarding the outfit though.

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