Ride for wrath, ride for ruin and a red trait point!

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Ride for wrath, ride for ruin and a red trait point!

Post by Aedfrith » Wed Nov 04, 2015 10:50 am

I'd like to assemble a group of Rangers to leeroy the warbands in the Pelennor and Talath Anor tonight or tomorrow night - say 7pm UK tonight as a nominal start.

I'll be coming on my captain which means support/heals (can heal plenty well enough in red for WBs and give everyone a large spoonful of BUFF MEH) OR tank - happy doing either. They're not that hard - Obista and Aedfrith duoed the mumak.

All welcome - DPS, particularly ranged, would be good. MC is annoying so I propose only using it for mounted ranged WBs.

I also propose a slayer deed run which would take in the Hillock for Haradrim, the North Rammas or Harlond instances for trolls, and the Minas Tirith culverts for beasts (lots of lizards, who drop lovely task items).
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Re: Ride for wrath, ride for ruin and a red trait point!

Post by Baz » Wed Nov 04, 2015 11:00 am

I have done all of the above already, but am more than happy to help :)

btw. There is a really good place for trolls to the east of Minas Tirith. There is a bunch of them in and around the burning farmland fields. If you open your map and see the word "Causeway", they are just around the "Cause" bit :)

Also for beasts, I found Talath Anor to be great. Lots of turtles, bucks, doe's, wargs and boars there. So great for loot too, lots of hides, and task items. Plus the benefit of resources around the place :)

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