Isengard Interview With Turbine

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Isengard Interview With Turbine

Post by Balthelion » Fri Sep 16, 2011 9:10 pm

Doc Holiday MMO have sat down for an hour long chat with four important people at turbine to discuss Isengard, Update 5 and the future.

In the inteview are:
  • Adam Mersky – Director of Communications
    Aaron Campbell – Producer
    Brian "Zombie Columbus" Aloisio – Systems Designer
    Ken "Graalx2" Burd – Systems Designer ... h-turbine/

Some of the juicier quotes for those of you too lazy to listen in:

"It's our biggest selling expansion to date"
That's total sales, not just pre-orders. Pre-orders for Isengard have already been TOTAL sales for both moria and mirkwood

"Once update 5 hits, there will be a bundle package for all the isengard content"
current limitations mean they cant do it until all content is live

"Going into next year, we're really exited talking about whats coming"
Much nudging and winking.

There WILL be a global legendary item points refund (but not relic unslotting)

There WILL NOT be a global skirmish soldier mark refund (although specific traits that are obsolete will be refunded)

Skirmish Soldier Traits that aren't obsolete usually gain additional benefits from the traits removed from the game. So although you wont get your marks back, you get extra benefits from the traits.

"Finesse starts appearing might even appear at some levels lower than that"
It's a stat geared not so much "for the endgame", but from this point onwards, where a counter-defensive stat is really needed for both sides (us/mobs)

"[barter currencies] is something we're defeinately going to be looking at going into next year"
Things being moved to wallet and/or a way to make those med/rep barter items/etc be usful instead of just sitting there. Very much a wink that this is something they are actually planning to work on soon if not already.

"Update 5 will include a new epic book, and some other things we'll probably discuss closer to launch"

"Update 5 will feature TWO new armour sets, a more "casual" set and a more "hardcore" set..... It will definately be better than what you had before."

The update 5 instances certainly have a related storyline, and the raid specifically ties into the story (epic?)"

Look forward to later thuis year when we'll be unveiling what our plans are for 2012
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Re: Isengard Interview With Turbine

Post by Dumnomii » Fri Sep 16, 2011 11:35 pm

Presumably thats sales discounting TP ones, why would you buy isengard if you dont have moria/mirkwood?

All those discounted sales in TP store for Moria paying a bonus divedend :)

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