(U18) Dev Diary: Combat Changes

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(U18) Dev Diary: Combat Changes

Post by Arc » Thu Apr 14, 2016 2:43 pm

Another dev diary regarding U18 has been released.

This one outlines three important changes made to combat and damage in U18:
  • Changes to Avoidance (Block/Parry/Evade) mechanics, applications and conversions
  • Changes to mastery cap (post-lvl100) and damage calculations
  • Rebalancing of medium armour mitigations
The diary is very well-written, summarising in the beginning the important parts of each change without delving deeply into the specifics, and further down describes everything in more detail.

It's well worth the read and I urge everyone to look through it at least once, as these are changes that really affect everyone; regardless of how, when and where you play!

If anyone would like even more details on these changes (such as numbers, how things are calculated, or whatever) than is provided in the diary, please let me know what you'd want and I'll try to put something sensible together. :P
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