A note on the Site/Forum Downtime

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A note on the Site/Forum Downtime

Post by Balthelion » Thu Mar 03, 2016 12:25 pm

Hey all,

For those who were curious about the recent downtime issues with the webste and forums:

The Web Hosts had a problem in their datacenter where their servers got corrupted at somepoint on Monday evening (Feb 29th). At this point, ths site would have been inaccessible.

They then started a lengthy process to restore all affected website in alphabetical order of domain name (so we were pretty low in the list at 'RA..'). At this point, the site was physically operational, but the files were missing, so you would have been getting an Error 404, No File Found.

Eventually, the backup got passed 'RA' at some point on Wednesday, at which point the website appeared to be up again, but the forums was displaying some error about a Style. This was because the web hosts had put their servers in "read-only" mode until the backup process had fully completed, and they were satisfied that it was successful. So, The website would quite happily display, but if anyone tried (for example) to upload a screenshot, it would have errored. Any other functions which didn't involve writing files to the server (for example, adding a calendar event) would probably have worked, because I don't think the SQL database was affected during the downtime. The forums however needed write permissions for many things, and remained inaccessible while it didn't have them.

At some point early this morning, the restoration process completed, and the "read-only" flag was removed from the hosting servers, so it's back to business as usual.

So to be clear - Nothing malicious happened. The servers just broke :P

Everything should now be working again as normal :)
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Re: A note on the Site/Forum Downtime

Post by Rielthiere » Thu Mar 03, 2016 1:40 pm


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