Quitting the kinship

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Quitting the kinship

Post by Baz » Thu Nov 19, 2015 1:50 am

Since returning to the game following some time away, it has come to my attention that cheating and/or exploiting exists within the kinship. Through talking with various individuals I understand that this has been going on for some considerable time. I now know that the kinship is riddled with cheats and exploiters from top to bottom. Not everyone, but a significant portion of members and officers have in the past and are currently exploiting/cheating.

As some or most of you will know, I am dead set against this kind of behaviour and have recently made my views known in kin-chat numerous times. By bringing this in to open discussion in game I was hoping to have an effect on this and eventually to put a stop to it. Unfortunately this has not been the case and when I have broached the subject, instead of seeing members agreeing with my views, I have come up against some justifying it using differing arguments. Not once have I seen someone say, "You are right and we really ought to put a stop to this", or something along those lines... I now sense a growing animosity towards me for daring to even bring the subject up and thus putting in to question the perceived good character of certain individuals, although I have not once mentioned any names.

For me it goes like this: If you are willing to cheat or exploit when it doesn't really matter and little is to gain from it, then what would you be willing to do when it does matter and there is lots to gain......... What kind of a person are you? Stop, sit and take a look inside. It can be quite shocking what you discover....

Now this, added to my previous thread (http://www.rangersoferiador.com/forum/v ... f=2&t=2462) regarding the culture within the kin, leaves me in the position of no longer wanting to remain a member of the Rangers Of Eriador. The good values, ethics and standards once evident within this kinship are no longer.

I have to be true to myself and beliefs, so I cannot in all good conscience remain a member of the kin. So although it pains me deeply after spending 5 years in the kin, I have no option but to resign as an officer, cut my ties and leave the kinship immediately.

Over the past 5 years some wonderful memories have been created to carry with me and I shall not easily forget a great many of you.

To those friends I leave behind, it has been a real pleasure spending time with you and I wish you all the luck in the World. I hope we can remain friends :)

To those I leave behind that are one of the people this post is about, well, shame on you. I hope you see the light before this kind of attitude and behaviour becomes too deeply entrenched within.........

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Re: Quitting the kinship

Post by Panthelion » Thu Nov 19, 2015 11:02 am

This is really sad news mate... I've never been aware that cheats/exploits exist in Lotro, so this fact strikes me even more. And thinking that some friends of ours are doing such a thing is really sad.
That said, I still hope for some kind of repentance (maybe a fool's hope...) and change of behaviour in these people. And, of course, I hope that sooner or later you will return and have fun with us as we used to have.
Wish you all the best in life
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Re: Quitting the kinship

Post by Aedfrith » Thu Nov 19, 2015 11:09 am

What Panth said. Happy to discuss in or out of game.
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Re: Quitting the kinship

Post by Balthelion » Thu Nov 19, 2015 9:20 pm

Sorry to hear that Baz, but wish you all the best.

I agree with your views - I've never been favourable to the idea of using exploits, even in pug runs. If you can't do it properly, what's the point in doing it and cheating?

Can't say I've tried the new instances (though I did recently have a peek at the 3-mans with Hal), but surprised theres even anything left to exploit in the game anymore :P Why people feel the need to cheat and endgame that doesn't exist beggars belief :P For Gold? Economy is FUBAR anyway, sell some junk, become a billionnaire :P
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Re: Quitting the kinship

Post by Tarahen » Tue Dec 01, 2015 8:28 pm

Sorry to hear that Baz. Of course, it's your right and it's understandable. It surprises me what you say about the kin being a pirates lair. I haven't seen that spirit so dominant in the kin, or maybe I just haven't noticed it. I'm thinking of using exploits to get unearned stuff with no effort. In that I agree with you: should be avoided. Other thing is, for example, using "shorcuts" in new instances (not really exploits, just avoiding some mobs). I don't consider it cheating. I don't run those instances for profit, I run them for fun... but it's really painful spending 3 hours killing the same mobs, with the same tactics to get to the bosses. That's not fun for me, that's why avoid them the same way I avoid farming.
If things like that made you quit, I'm sorry. If I believed it was against the kin's principles I wouldn't have done so in kin.
Anyway, we will miss you.
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Re: Quitting the kinship

Post by Badgerion » Thu Dec 10, 2015 8:23 pm

Wow, I know I have been awol for some time and have just popped on to find out if the kin planned to move to another server etc but to see this post I'm truly stunned. What has happened to the kin in the last year to make this happen?

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