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Re: World Closure & Character Transfer info

Post by Baz » Tue Oct 20, 2015 1:18 am

Vyvyanne - 19/10/2015

After tomorrow's turning on of Windfola, there will be a pause on opening any of the other closing worlds for transfer (EU or NA) for a few weeks. We are treating both regions equally in this. We have stated multiple times that this might happen as we caught up to the hardware build out this is one of the reasons we started with the smallest worlds first as they were in most need of being moved to the larger communities prior to the new hardware being set up. You will still be able to move, just not yet. We do not want to confuse the situation further by making only some worlds and not other available especially as Gwaihir is as in the realm of Evernight and Brandywine now and Belegaer is quickly closing the gap. As we move to the larger realms, we just increase the chance of making a poor play experience for everyone while we are in these final stages.

I am sorry that this is not moving as quickly as any of us would like, but our alternative would have been to make everyone wait until the new build out was complete and that still would not have moved the timetable forward.

Announcements will be forthcoming in the next few days on the events that will be taking place between now and then.

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Re: World Closure & Character Transfer info

Post by Baz » Tue Nov 10, 2015 9:21 am

Vyvyanne - 10/10/2015

New Hardware Update

Greetings players!

Thank you once again for assisting us in this Stress Test of the new server hardware and environment. It was a lot of fun and a great success as well!

Thousands of you joined us this past Saturday bringing us closer to knowing the limits of our new hardware. During the test, we did find some things we need to work a bit more on to make the launch of our new datacenter the best it can be. This means that we are going to make some more adjustments and then schedule another load test in a couple of weeks. This means we will not be making our previously targeted pre-Thanksgiving launch in the new facility.

When is the new target? Until we complete the next test it is hard to say. When we have a more solid date we will let you know.

The good news is that in this time we have been able to add additional server power to the older hardware so that while we all await the great migration, we will be re-opening transfers, starting with the long awaited Brandywine! As of today all closing US worlds already open for transfers should now see Brandywine as a target destination. Additionally next week we will open Maiar for transfers on Monday 11/16 and Imladris on Tuesday 11/17. We will continue to monitor and open worlds for transfer as appropriate while we wait for the buildout to be completed.

Closing dates for the Closing worlds will be extended to the end of Q1 2016 so that players have time to return and get mail from kinships and friends in game before making a decision on where to move.

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Re: World Closure & Character Transfer info

Post by Arc » Thu Dec 03, 2015 4:01 pm

Further info, Dec 2 2015:
Vyvyanne wrote:More Closing worlds opening for transfer and New Free remaining world transfers
On Monday December 7th we will open transfers off of Vilya.

At this time we will also be closing free transfers off of Brandywine and Evernight and switching to Arkenstone and Gwaihir.

Tuesday Dec 8th we will be opening transfers off of Meneldor completing the US closing worlds.

We are holding off on opening Snowbourn for a week or two as we add hardware capacity to our larger EU worlds to handle the load. It is possible this world may not be opened for transfers until we are in the new data center.

Work is coming to a close on this project and we hope to have a launch date for you soon once we have worked though the final testing of the environment.

Thank you for your continued patience!
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