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Re: Gepo

Post by Gepo » Sun Jan 20, 2013 10:42 am

Hey Gal, sure let me describe a bit about my time in SWTOR.

It was an incredible game to play i leveled up 2 characters (Sith Sorceror and Imperial Agent Operative) and the story quests were pretty good but some of the normal quests not so much. There was alot of dialogue in the game and voice acting which is great but it seemed way overused having it for every single quest... (This was a love/hate part of the game for most people, did they really need to spend millions on so much voice acting and cause other areas of the game to suffer?).

The first 3 or 4 months of the game were excellent, i really got into it creating a guild website and guides for operations that we had completed and powered onto hard mode and nightmare mode versions, i absolutely loved healing operations and forming groups for warzones as for a time healers were overpowered and could basically keep everyone alive. However the first nerf to healing was quite steep and caused alot of people to quit the game but it still was good as a healer even if a little squishy in PvP. I had a passing in my family and couldn't quite get back involved with SWTOR.

One of the big problems i experienced with the game was perhaps Bioware's inexperience in running MMOs. There were way too many servers at launch so people were spread out too much. So it became very difficult recruiting new members after a few months and alot of servers were very low populated. They did eventually merge alot of servers into others which has helped this problem. Problems at Bioware didnt stop there, some of the staff lost there jobs and you got a sense of whats going on and rumours all over the place.

Overall it is a great game but had so much potential and money behind it that its such a shame that things havent lived upto so manys expectations including my own.

The F2P model isnt great for end game playing at the moment but i can only assume they will relax their restrictions overtime.

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Re: Gepo

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