The Pits of Isengard (PoI)

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The Pits of Isengard (PoI)

Post by Balthelion » Mon Dec 12, 2011 2:45 pm

Post your tips and tricks here!
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Re: The Pits of Isengard (POI)

Post by Rasmil » Mon Dec 12, 2011 11:41 pm

Ok ran this on t2 HM today it took about 2.5 hours but should be considerably less when know the tactics.

In the first room there is several trash pulls and levers the trash is relatively easy. The levers need to. Be pulled in a certain order to open the door to the first boss (but I'm not sure what that order was)

1st Boss

The first boss is a 180k morale orc who likes to punt people around a lot this means you will need to fight with you and him all on the track in the middle in a line so you are not punted into the holes it he floor. He will summon 3 10k morale Orc adds roughly every minute so these need to be dealt with quickly to avoide multiple groups at once. They will come from the doors to. The side of the the door you entered through so the tank will want to be closer to that end to avoide them going straight for the healer. You just have to follow the pattern dps boss -> kill adds -> dps boss until he is dead.

Fire wing

After killing the first boss a door will open to the fire wing in this wing you have to kill adds until your debuff reaches tier 4 and the door at the far side is open (I'm not sure what point the door actually opens). The debuff will tier up upon killing certain types of fire orcs. It increases outgoing damage (by 20% at tier 4) and reduces mitigations (by 40% at tier 4) and is a requirement for HM that it is at at least tier 4 when you kill the boss.

Boss 2 fire wing

This boss was the easiest of the 3 as it is just a tank and spank the only complication is the -40% mitigation meaning he hits very hard however so long as you can heal through the damage this is an easy boss. One thing to note is he cannot be kited as he won't move and will just switch to ranged.

Abomination wing

After the fire wing it will return you to the 1st boss room where another door will have opened to the abomination wing. Here you will fight trolls and orcs. It is similar to the fire wing in that you have to work your way through until the debuff is tier 4 and the door is open to the boss. In this wing the debuff increases attack duration (by 30%(?) at tier 4) and increases crit chance by 20% (at tier 4).

Boss 3 abomination wing

The tank will tank the abomination wing boss in the middle channel between the thorn bushes with the healer as far away as possible. In this boss it is important to keep the tank and boss parallel to the thorn bushes so if he knocks the tank back he does not go through the thorn bushes. This is because if the boss goes through the thorns he will do a large AOE attack dealing 3k plus damage to everyone in the room this means it is important for the tank to keep the boss away from the bushes. The boss will regularly spawn 700 morale adds that need to be killed quickly as they will go straight to the someone and will explode if they reach them dealing 2k damage and knocking the person back. As long as the boss does not go through the thorns and not too many adds reach the healer this boss should be ok.

This is just what I learnt from one run through so I am not sure how accurate this is and it may be wrong.
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Re: The Pits of Isengard (POI)

Post by Aedfrith » Tue Dec 13, 2011 10:51 am

What seemed to open the door was first lever, second lever, first lever again.
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Re: The Pits of Isengard (POI)

Post by Wiploc » Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:39 pm

A few extra notes:

Boss 1:
Fairly easy - as Ras stated, be careful of the pulls so position yourself as close to the wall as possible and get a feel for the front to back pulls. Will say though (after one wipe) that the adds seemed to spawn faster if we killed them fast. We switched to killing two and letting one live - then DPS'ing the boss while waiting for the next pull. When that pull arrived it was a rinse and repeat thing. Haven't had a chance to verify - just something to look out for if fast killing leads to too many waves of adds. When we switched tactics on the second attempt we only had 4-5 waves of adds.

To open the first door to the fire wing we needed to stand on the tiles where the boss was fought - they light up when standing on them.

Boss 2:
Very easy - only real hazard is power consumtion on the healers part. The ground is set on fire - but there are "holes" to stand in. Easy to get a feel for.

Boss 3:
The hardest boss. The limrafn (adds) can be difficult to spot if the tank gets into/behind bushes. Another reason for the tank to stay clear in the center "corridor" - again, focus all DPS on the adds when they spawn. The healer can stay where the group enters the boss room throughout the fight (alongside any ranged DPS for that matters).

6 seals for non-challenge as far as I remember.

In terms of getting access to the boss room I think it opened at tier 2 (needs verification). Obviously, the boss can be fought at an earlier stage than tier 4 - we did that - but then the challenge is not obtainable as Ras Stated.
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Re: The Pits of Isengard (PoI)

Post by Aedfrith » Wed Dec 14, 2011 9:55 am

Did fire on T1 with Dan and Aerawyn.

If you kill the Uruk Guards in room 1 before their little Addled Rohirrim die, the Rohirrim become your friends and follow you around (maximum of 2). They don't do much but make handy meat shields. I imagine they'd be useful to keep adds busy in the 1st boss fight. I've heard there's a deed for killing all the Rohirrim as well, so take your pick.

On T1, the orc whip boss (boss 1) does not summon adds, so just stand on the railway track and tank and spank away.
The fire troll boss (boss 2) has a pattern for the fire that you can see for about 3sec before the fire comes up, so you can run to a hole and stand there.

The worst time we had was the fire orcs and goblins randomly grabbing us and chucking us in the lava with a horrible "Over Here" punt that can result in instadeath by misadventure. Each time this happens it does around 1K damage (for me with about 35% phys/tac mit). The big orcs also seemed to hand out a LOT of dev-crits. Luckily, they can all be CCed. We ended up with me fearing the big one, pulling the little ones somewhere safe and dealing with them up close, and getting the big one when he comes back. You don't need to go up the ramp at the beginning, but be careful with AOEs since there are orcs up there that you'll hit with the likes of Rain of Arrows, and one pull from these guys is plenty.
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Re: The Pits of Isengard (PoI)

Post by nostborn » Thu Dec 15, 2011 2:39 pm

Tier 2 Acid boss tactic found last night, you will only get 1 of the limfrans hit you per time.

Start wherever you want, i suggest putting the healer to one side with the brambles between you and the troll and tank the troll to either end of the room. Once you start the instance tank and dps him(doesnt matter if your ranged or melee) then as soon as the big green cloud spawns move the troll to the other end of the room (so move from the door to where the troll starts etc). as long as the troll is out of the cloud none of the nasty limfrans will spawn. Rinse and repeat as the clouds will go away quickly if the troll isnt in it. happy times. (Big hand to Wip for that one)

Also on the fire trash there is one main rule...DO NOT FIGHT THEM AT RANGE. This is what causes you to get thrown about (or if your flair dead)
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Re: The Pits of Isengard (PoI)

Post by Dumnomii » Fri Dec 16, 2011 3:04 pm

Fire orcs put down circle on the floor, this seems to have zero negative effect if your stood in it

The 'yank' makes you fly towards the circle, if there is a lava on route and you land in it you die

If your close then the yank can take you right over the top into the next pull

IF you stand in the circle you do not get moved and can dps , induct to your hearts content

Safest way found so far is dont range pull, everyone runs into the orc at the beggining together, circle goes up , no one gets yanked.

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Re: The Pits of Isengard (PoI)

Post by Netham » Thu Jan 05, 2012 10:25 am

I noticed it's the goblins that pull u towards em. Circle or no circle really.. A separated orc with a circle didn't pull anyone even when ranged, but the gobbos do.

Another thing.. The debuffs on abomination wing. I notice it slows down my skills instead of the tooltip's -% skill (induction?) speed. Even with about no inductions on warden skills it's slower to do with the debuff. Hardly noticeable before tier 4 but I need to adjust my button mashing flow with it. Many times I pull off a wrong gambit just because they're not following me as fast as normally.
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