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Re: The Foundry (-)

Post by Hardist » Sat Feb 04, 2012 5:35 pm

Yeah when I wrote this, I didn't know the forge was attackable at the start, I only played this instance once when writing this guide. Still I think it's better to leave the forge for the first 30 seconds, and have people DPS both the orc and pen, because it's easier to finish them off after they are around 10k morale. The orc does stuns, they are not long but very annoying, that is why I love killing him first :P Either way I am using CBR on my champ, it sucks to get stunned for others all the time. This guide is not the best guide, or the best or only way, it's one of the many ways and it's simply my personal preference. What we did last night, leaving the orc, I did not like it. Sure it's safer, but if you are playing with experienced players, there shouldn't be any problems ;) - And remember, I am never afraid of anything, hence I am a Champion, so I don't like playing the safe way :P

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Re: The Foundry (-)

Post by Cerogar » Tue Mar 13, 2012 11:47 pm

From a mini's point of view and the most consistent success of the last boss, the strat I like is this:

First the tank handles both (I have healed it this way without a captain 3 times).

The room as a clock, the door being 6 starts the fight. Move to 12. Start on Forge until green, then Pen until green, then the Orc until green. When fire is between 6 and 9, move to 2. When the fire dies out go straight back to 12 (anti-clockwise). Running around it makes it much more difficult and is really senseless to make it more difficult than it is. People don't stay grouped enough and get scattered. When you get an eye (except tank), kite at 10 or 3 (depending on location) in a circle so you aren't out of healing range. Tank with eye only needs to step out of each flash a couple of steps each time until eye is gone.

Final rotation take Pen and Orc down to between 10 and 15k each and kill Forge, then nuke Pen, then Orc.

That simple and also always faster :D

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