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School at Tham Mirdain (School)

Posted: Fri May 20, 2011 12:09 pm
by Balthelion
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Re: School at Tham Mirdain (School)

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:34 am
by andrac
K, same story. Easy instance, good rewards. I group with hunter and warden/tank/champ. Take the quest involving killing mobs and after u finish the instance reenter until u get other quests (books I think) for extra eregion mark.
After u clear all the mobs from surrounding the courtyard, in top of the stairs is the first boss (don’t remember his name) with 2 orcs. Usually the hunter CC the left one, the rest dps quick the right one, return to the guy from left and at the last the boss. Intrerupt the orcs (they heal).
The boss may root the player with aggro, the ranged dps and healer should not stay very close to him, don’t run to stairs with boss or drop, the battle will reset.
Now in the courtyard is Llygad the Blade. Some players decide to leave him at the end, I usually kill this boss before go up the stairs. He have 5 adds, he send them one by one as his morale drops. As long as the mob is alive the boss takes less damage, and that why u need to kill first the add, then to the boss, until the last mob. He will try to run (usually he don’t get very far) calling for help. If u cleared the courtyard will be nobody to help him, if not kill him fast because he will call a leader.
Now, the commander Tarsh. The challenge mode (HM) is to save the books fast, and that is imposible because in the room are many mobs. And the strategy is run . The tank type will enter in the room, aggro everything (don’t hit boss, he will not start the fight except if u hit him, in that case all is lost) and run to the stairs and after that in wide circles around courtyard. The hunter and healer stay near the exit of the room (not very close to not get aggro) and enter in room after all the mobs are chasing the tank. Each one will take one side of books and save them. After that (u complet the challenge and take one STM) go in courtyard and the hunter pull the mobs one by one starting with the leaders. The tank kite until all the mobs are dead or 2-3 left. Healers be careful. Don’t do anything (don’t try to heal the kitter, even with SoS or anathems because u will take aggro). Dont do anything, the tank will be fine.
After that, reenter in room to kill the boss. He is not hard to beat, u only need to be careful at his AOE – special attack, he said something like "i have you in range and is time to die" around 30 k morale left and hit pretty hard, u need to go far from him in that moment. The hunters may be hitted by one special ranged attack if they stay far when dps him but is not gonna kill him, to avoid this u must stay close to him. Dont worry, dont hit very hard.
And u done this instance. Like library, easy marks, STM, relics and money.

Re: School at Tham Mirdain (School)

Posted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 1:34 pm
by Aedfrith
Final boss says "Fight me in this storm of blades" - don't, just get away from him.

His ranged attack is no problem.

When at the phase just before that (i.e. tank kiting) the ranged DPS should ALWAYS take down the Uruk Leaders first, as they heal themselves and others.