Annuminas: Ost Elendil (OE)

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Annuminas: Ost Elendil (OE)

Post by Balthelion » Fri May 20, 2011 12:07 pm

Post your requests for help & advice or tips and tricks here.
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Re: Annuminas: Ost Elendil (OE)

Post by Obion » Fri Mar 08, 2013 8:44 pm

2 types of light, white and blue.
White light is on left side all through the instance. Blue is in the middle except last room where it is on the right side. Now-days you will see a marker showing area of the light = Good to look for.
White debuffs bosses and make Guards die and respwan into 3 ghosts each.
Blue put a +10% incoming damage on ghosts.
Everything in here except bosses can be cc'd, stun, fear, root...

(Morale at lvl 85 instance, since that is when I last ran this)
4 types of mobs
* Ghost Guards - Negate 100% damage = Easy way to commit suicide if you hit them, do a fear root and fear damage, put out 2 dread
* Ghosts - 20k morale, do an aoe fear damage and else tactical damage.
* Angmarin arrow shooters - 20k morale
* Angmarin sorcerers - 60k morale, do a fear dot and spawn ghosts. Interrupt when they reach one hand over their head

First room = 2 Guards
Have tank pull them into the light on left side. No one attack until they die and turn into ghosts. Tank drags the ghost to the blue light in the middle of room. Kill ghosts.

Open gate door.
1 sorcerer walking back and forth, wait until she is at the bottom of the corridor, kill and interrupt.

First big room
Has 3 side-rooms on each side guarded by a Angmarin arrow shooter.
2 sorcerers walking back and forth in the middle. Try and aggro just one, but most likely you will have both active. They don't move much as they keep putting one hand up and either do a fear dot or spawn ghost. Try and interrupt often, just kill. Don't move into the room to much, try and stand as close as possible to where you enter.
When they are dead, move to first room to the left.
When you attack the Angmarin at the door-way he will try to run int the room to activate his 4-5 (?) ghost friends. Stun, root or just keep hitting. He is dumb enough that he will stop and shoot back if you hit him enough.
Move into the room and kill ghosts.
Open curtain by clicking the star looking pendel. White light appears that you need for the first boss fight.
Do the same for next 2 rooms.
For the proper way you do the same on right side. Else you'll just have 3 extra Angmarins during boss fight.

The boos stands on a stair at the far end of the room surrounded by 6 guards. You can walk across the room and among the guards, just don't go to close to the stairs or Boss will activate.

First Boss
He puts out alot of dread so use a +5 hope token before you start.
Boss will need to be moved into one of the left rooms with white light coming in from window.
2 guards will activate same time as boss. Same as first room, don't hit until they have died by white light and transformed into 3 ghosts.

Two tactics for this one
Either pull everything into top left room and have the tank take them all. While everyone focus on hitting boss, some aoe damage is handy to have.
If you have stuns, feel free to use on ghosts.
Killing a few of the ghosts is good as 6 guards = 18 ghosts. But if the tank can keep them all go for boss.
Tank should be standing with back close to window and everyone else opposite side of the small room.
Boss screams alot and put out fear dots, he also hit pretty hard but should be limited to tank. I can't remember every thing he does but it's nothing too extreme.
Once boss is dead move remaining ghost out in the middle of the big romm for extra damage and kill them.

Second tactic is having an off-tank aggro the guards as they come into play and kite the around the big room. Healer might have to move between little room where boss is and out in big room to heal kiter.
This tactic require all side rooms to be cleared of mobs.
Once boss is dean main tank peal 1 or 2 guards of kiter and pull them into room of left side so they can die by white light. Kill ghosts. Rince, ladder, repreat.

Once all is dead move up the stair where boss stood and loot chest. And move on to next room.

Main boss
Big throne room with boss at the far end. 12 guards and 3 sorcerers.
You can move freely at the outer side of the room, and need to. Just don't go in the middle to near the boss.
Open up curtains on left side for white light and right side for blue.
In reality you only need to open up bottom left and right. But open up next two just in case.

Boss will active as you move up to him and "mock" him.
He will then activate 2 guards. Hunters can stand in blue light, right side and rest at the entrance of the room. Tank will aggro the guards as the move in (running around alot) and pull them into the white light, left side, Once the transform into ghost kill ghost. Here it is not bad if the hunters or champ take aggro and move the ghosts into blue light for extra incoming damage, else the tank has to run some more.
Tank running back and forth is a common treat in this instance.
All Guards and Ghosts can be stunned and rooted so having a LM or burg to slow the guards down is good.
Next wave will be 3 guards, do the same. After that 4 guards at the same time until all are dead.
Iirc the Guards activation are somewhat time-gated.

Next up, the harem women
3 sorcerers will be running in, same as the others interrupt and kill.
When they each reach 20k morale boss will activate as he fears he might be sleeping alone this evening.
Boss needs to be tanked in the white light, otherwise he won't take much damage at all.
Tank and spank the boss. He can put fear dots and also a yellow circle on the floor. Yellow circle is bad, that's is why it is good to have one extra window with withe light open. Then you can move to that.

Challenge mode
When I did it lvl85 T1 we got CM, but can't say for certain that will happen every time.

For this the mistresses need to whiteness their masters demise. So once you get them down to 20k morale, try and stun, root or have the off-tank kite them around.
It won't be easy as by this time they are pretty much zeroed in on the tank.
So if you can't take them off the tank, then keep on hitting the boss and nothing else, means NO aoe.

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Re: Annuminas: Ost Elendil (OE)

Post by Aedfrith » Fri Mar 08, 2013 10:53 pm

Just to say that Obi's tactics are brilliant and enabled us to ace the instance first time.
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