Great Barrow (GB): Maze

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Great Barrow (GB): Maze

Post by Balthelion » Fri May 20, 2011 12:02 pm

Post your requests for help & advice or tips and tricks here.
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Re: Great Barrow (GB): Maze

Post by nostborn » Fri May 20, 2011 1:20 pm

Normal Tactics i use for the lvl 65 runs including the HM challenge:

From the start the tank will run all the way down to the platform above the first boss room, everyone else follows the tank and making sure none of the light guys or healer agros the tank will end up in position with the agro of everything. Burn the mobs down there and make sure all the arms are taken care of. ( you may have to wait for some of these, there slow!!!)

The tank will then pull the random trash out of the boss room while the rest stay up on the platform and burn them down being careful not to grab the Wight Caller. Once the boss room is clear of the adds, head down and kill the boss in the regular way. Tank on the caller burn the adds that spawn, i suggest taking care of the crawlers that appear asap making sure the majority of the group stays out of the green gas as much as possible then finish the caller off.

The tank runs through to the platform above the 2nd boss (twins) and do th same as the first run through, burn the adds (there will be more of them) making sure the healer doesnt agro anything, if he does make sure all CJ's are pure of heart for additional heals.

The last boss the tank will single target agro the Wight on the left (sorry cant remember the specific name) then the captain/warden will agro the wights and the boss on the right and start kiting round the room taking any other wights that spawn with him. The hunter and ranged will dps the tanks boss making sure to stop all dps (even auto attacks and bleeds) when the boss puts his sheild up as he heals and the fight will last forever if you dont stop, while the champs/other dps will kill 15 crawling arms. Once 15 arms are killed get the boss down to 5k health and finish the arms then kill the first twin.

Once the first twin is down the tank can single target pull the 2nd twin off captain/kiter and dps him down quick, there is no shield for this guy just dps him down. The wights will dissappear and you have completed the HM challenge for the extra Sup Mark. Remember DO NOT kill any of the other Wights, only kill the arms you need to and the Boss Twins.
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