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Any ideas or suggestions you have for the kin.
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Post by Baz » Wed Sep 26, 2012 5:06 am

Grim wrote:I still really like the idea of chicken run to orthanc
I have posted this before last year, but there wasn't really any interest back then. No idea why tbh. because it is great fun and challenging too. Yes there is a chance you may be sliced and diced early doors, but hey ho, you can always follow on your char if so wish, rtry or trot off and do something else....

I have attempted this before and I got as far as Forthbrond before a mob sliced me up. lol

What you guys think? I really do think everyone would have a good laugh doing this and it would present a proper challenge....I estimate it would take a chicken about 1 hour 45 minutes to run from The Shire to Orthanc. So time would be tight as the longest session lasts for 2 hours unless you complete all the quests. Then you can play as a chicken for 8 hours and receive The Cloak of Cluck as a reward

Now to take part you would need to have done the pre-quests to allow you to do chicken play:

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