[DISCUSSION] Arise, arise, Rangers of Eriador!

Any ideas or suggestions you have for the kin.
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[DISCUSSION] Arise, arise, Rangers of Eriador!

Post by Aedfrith » Fri Jul 01, 2016 9:34 am

Much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it. And yet not all the Jómsvikingar are dead.

Over the last few weeks a lot of our friends from other kins have left Laurelin for Evernight or disbanded altogether. This includes several with Rangers alts, like Iwe and Neld, which makes me sad but is understandable.

From discussions with officers and kinnies, though, it's been clear the Rangers want to stay. It's also clear from discussions with other players on the server that RoE has got a good reputation for its players - all of YOU. People who, while not necessarily "serious raiders", have been able to complete difficult T2 content with cheerfulness and ability. I really got the warm fuzzies when we were able to complete SS T2 (yes, I know, NM) using the old Rangers approach in Ford's run last week.

It remains to be seen how many people will come back with 18.2. Whatever, I'm not sure we have quite enough to raid ourselves - so we need to plan ahead for the raid, I'm thinking - both by recruiting and by building new alliances.


I think we should attempt to recruit either by leading by example or some officers going on a recruitment drive. I know Ferby likes camping in Bree and jumping out at people ;) One of my concerns is that most of us are endgame, and I'd quite like some other officers to look into recruiting (and training) tinies! Anyone up for this?

We must also make sure people feel allowed to, and encouraged to, use the forum. Quite often in kin chat we get "I'd like to do ToO on alts" or "I'd like to complete the TC questline". It's a lot easier to do this when we all know about it from the forum.


There are two kins in particular that operate on a similar friendly "semi-casual" philosophy to us, and have players who can do the basics like hit the RAT, wait for the tank to pull and follow instructions - Keepers of Silmarils (led by Fearendur, who's got 2 Rangers alts) and The Bright Melody. I've been talking to and doing SS and Dome runs with both, and there's a suggestion for alliance channels such as cookie chat (/joinchannel cookiechannel tasty). Are we up for this?

All thoughts welcome.
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Re: [DISCUSSION] Arise, arise, Rangers of Eriador!

Post by Balthelion » Fri Jul 01, 2016 12:34 pm

Well with the game in the twilight years of its life, I'm more receptive to the idea of alliance deals, as long as I'm not the one needing to administrate it :P

My time for LOTRO these days is limited, so it's mostly spent doing it for the channel rather than levelling at the endgame. Frankly I don't find the more recent content as enjoyable, nor do I have the time or inclination to grind for the sake of it :P

Recruitment is always a good idea, though I confess I don't do as much as I should: Since most of my game time is either spent recording for youtube, or rapidaly alting around for housekeeping, both of which are not good times to be getting tells. However I feel we need a clearer picture on what we can offer these days so that we are prepared when people have questions about joining.
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Re: [DISCUSSION] Arise, arise, Rangers of Eriador!

Post by Tarahen » Fri Jul 01, 2016 10:22 pm

Well I haven't been that active last weeks: RL calls for some atention, and a bit bored of leveling all the alts. I have all of them, except the RK, at cap level, so will be gearing them better from now on.

I'm up for both, recruiting and alliances. I did myself some recruiting while leveling my RK when we came to Laurelin. Truth to be told, I'm doing it at this moment, so it's a good reminder. But probably there are not so many new players these days, so recruiting will come from disbanding kins. In that case getting a good name will help and knowing other players from other kins too. As Aed said, at this point I think we can't promise raiding to newcomers, but we can offer a friendly kin, people willing to help, and most of the 3/6 mans.

As for alliances, it's ok for me. I've played with people from those two kins and I haven't had any problem.
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Re: [DISCUSSION] Arise, arise, Rangers of Eriador!

Post by Thaddium2 » Sat Jul 02, 2016 7:39 pm

More people to bask in my awesomesauce is always welcome

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