Grouping - knowing your class - behaviour

Any ideas or suggestions you have for the kin.
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Re: Grouping - knowing your class - behaviour

Post by andrac » Mon Jul 23, 2012 4:46 pm

no, the events are starting at 7,30 UK time so is 9,30 in your country. Only sunday we run draigoch at 20,00 (22) your time.
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Re: Grouping - knowing your class - behaviour

Post by Arc » Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:13 pm

anguelion wrote:PS Will try my RK for a fire DPS :twisted:
If you need help or advice - or have any other questions - regarding any aspect of a fire-based RK, you're more than welcome to ask me anytime. :)
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Re: Grouping - knowing your class - behaviour

Post by Netham » Mon Jul 23, 2012 5:39 pm

LM is all about debuff and controlling who to fight and when.. Soloing is slow, I know. Try to plan ahead how you're gonna rotate your skills and which pet (and what buffs) to use and when. U can control the situation so that u can take out one mob at a time, and if you're lucky, they don't even come to melee range, and melee range you should avoid. :)
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Re: Grouping - knowing your class - behaviour

Post by Cattiwen » Mon Jul 23, 2012 6:19 pm

I think I am the epitome of a casual player. I only really get to play maybe 3-4 times a week (if I'm lucky with wife aggro otherwise only 1-2 times!) and then only after 7:30pm. I dropped VIP as I couldn't play that often and so my RK is stuck in the 40s. So I made a conscious effort to make sure I concentrated on my Hunter, learning the playing style and optimising my role. Even then I don't have the best equipment or maxed virtues, but I think knowing your character like the back of your hand can help counter that.
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Re: Grouping - knowing your class - behaviour

Post by Dumnomii » Mon Jul 23, 2012 8:02 pm

What I would like to add to this discussion is, even if you dont understand every class, your own class if you have played it to lvl 75 you have had plenty of time to READ the tool tips on your skills, if you do not understand them , ask in kin or here on the forums.

Inductions , big swirly circles under there feet and corruptions (bad guys versions of buffs) are a CRITICAL part of instance let alone raids. And mechanics that you should have encountered leveling up, so there is no real excuse for people who hit lvl 75 and do not know what skills to use to counter these.....

We understand, that raiding is not for everybody though, there is no forcing of anyone to come raiding if they do not want to, if you are worried about time constraints and the post does not say how long it is expected to be just ask.

We encourage people to come to instances like foundry or raids like draigoch or DN first as they are much easier and at least give you a feel for what is going on and why in a multiplayer enviroment.

This thread though was aimed at the people that want to come on raids, not ones that unfortuantly cannot for what ever reason. And it is pointing out if you come on raids without actually learning your own class then you are actually worse for the group than having no one in your place, as it will be assumed that you can do what you are asked to do. And if you do not then it can mean wipe out.

And raids are unforgiving, so if you want to raid help yourself by gearing as much as is possible, instance grouping as much as possible (only by working with others will you learn the strengths and weaknesses of other classes and players, as we all have different play styles and strengths even within classes) and most of all know your class and your skills, hunters are not just pew pew ;)

Though we do not want to put anyone off trying raiding just please consider 11 other people have given up time and resources to do the raid as well, so please try to be on time and contribute as much as you can, and most importantly inbetween pulls if there was something you did not understand why we did it such a way , ASK, though sometimes you do wonder, normally the old addage is true, the only stupid question is the one that was not asked.

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