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Albric's alts

Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2011 8:01 pm
by Albric of Rohan
This is an overview of my toons:

Main: Albric, lv75 man champion, explorer (westfold master in everything, kindred with tailor's guild)

Crafting toons, none of which are in the kinship:

* Nimnargil, lv20 man captain, armsman (westfold master in everything, kindred with the weaponsmith's guild)
* Nimbril, lv6 elf hunter, tinker (westfold master in everything, kindred with jeweller's guild)
* Glors, lv14 dwarf guardian, armourer (westfold master prospector and metalsmith, kindred with metalsmith's guild)
* Wilburd, lv6 hobbit burglar, historian (westfold master farmer and scholar, kindred with scholar's guild)
I try to be pretty self sustaining with all these toons and that is working pretty decently.

Should i get my crafting alts into the kinship? I don't intend to level them very soon, so i don't think it's very useful.