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About Us - The Rangers of Eriador

Who We Are / Our History / What Sort Of Kinship Are We

We are a kinship that has been around for over 3 years now, and steadily grown over time into being one of the largest kins on the Snowbourn server. Obviously that means we aren't one of those kinships that starts up and disbands 3 months later, and we've worked hard to get to the size and good reputation we are today.

We consider ourselves to be a semi-casual and social kinship. What semi-casual means is that we still like to raid (a lot in fact!) however we aren't "hardcore" and solely focused on raiding and being at the endgame level to the detriment of anyone who isn't at the level cap. Our kinship likes to do a lot of instance content (including skirmishes) at all levels in addition to endgame raids. Remember though that this is all subject to people wanting to run specific content/levels and of course needs someone willing to lead it!

We also consider ourselves to be a social kinship. At the end of the day, LOTRO is a game, and we all like to have fun and socialise with each other while having a laugh. Ultimately, real life comes first and we don't put silly demands on you to be online a certain amount or turn up to a certain amount of kin runs.

Who Do We Recruit / Our Membership

We happily recruit anyone without restrictions. All classes/races or real life nationalities/ages are welcome. We currently have a wide range of players covering the majority of european countries and even some even further abroad. You don't have to be a native english speaker, although you will need to be able to communicate in English with your fellow kin members.

We don't require anything from our members, or insist that you be online for X hours a week or show up to raids. You can participate in as much or as little as you like and of course: Real life comes first! We do however encourage members to sign up to the site and forums to keep up to date with what is going on in the kin and keep track of organised events.

Please be aware though that since we have a large membership and kinship slots are limited, occasionally we do have to clear out the inactives. This usually involves removing those characters who have not played in over 200 days. You can however let us know if you intend to return after a longer break in order to avoid being removed, and of course if you do happen to be removed in one of these cleaning activities, you are always welcome to get back in touch for a re-invite.

Our Officers

Our officers (of which there are about a dozen) cover all backgrounds for types of players in the community (raiders, casual players, etc). Some are veteran raid leaders, others are more focused on helping out the little people and handling social events. All Officers are however on hand to help you out and give advice as needed.


Since raiding is important for a lot of players (though not all players of course!) I thought I'd best say something here. The Rangers have (at the time of writing) been able to beat ALL content excluding Orthanc T2 (although we're trying!). We may not be at the leading edge of raiding like the "hardcore" raiding kins, however our raiding members are competent and well organised, and always endeavouring to improve and beat the hardest content in the game. We often have multiple raids per week subject to demand for them and the availability of interested players without locks and of course people to lead them!

At the end of the day, LOTRO is a game, and like with all other areas of our kinship we like to have fun while raiding, although of course we do take raiding a bit more seriously (We keep the leeroy'ing and silliness to the non-endgame content!)

We use Teamspeak 3 for voice chat during raiding. Don't worry if you're shy and don't want to talk over the microphone, as this isn't required unless you're leading the raid. However you will still need to download and use Teamspeak so that you can listen to instructions.

Our Facilities

We have our own website which you can visit at which includes a very active Forum. We also have our own Teamspeak server which we use for raiding and generally socialising with kin members.

In-game, we have a kinship house located at:
8, Long Street, Bree-land Homesteads, Bree-land
Where we've got all our rare trophies collected over our years of existence. It's open to the public, so feel free to drop by.

Our Philosophy / Services / Rules

We like to help our members, particularly those who are new to the game. We'd like to see you improve your skills and hopefully some day take on greater challenges like organising and leading instance or raid instances for the kinship.

Members will often be happy to craft anything for you, although usually you will need to provide the materials (particularly if the recipe has rare requirements). That said, we don't like to see others exploiting our generosity. We like to see people give as much to the kin as they take from it. This doesn't mean that you have to give back exactly what you get, but for example getting an invite to the kin then immediately requesting that everyone makes you a full set of armour is frowned upon. If you are seen to be helping the kin (donating items, offering to craft for others, organising instances etc) then others will be more inclined to help you in return. It's only fair .

We store a large amount of items in the kinhouse, including items for the lv45 class quests, colour dyes, and items which can be used as rewards/prizes for events run by our kin members. These items are available free (although you will have to ask an officer to collect them for you) however remember that our "You get what you give" philosophy applies - We won't hand over a large sum of valuable items to somebody who always takes and never gives.

As far as rules are concerned we are pretty relaxed, although necessity has forced us to formalise a few rules over our existence. Our rules can generally be simplified into the following two points:

  1. Be respectful of other players (both in and out of kin) - Don't be rude or discriminate others, and remember that you and your actions reflect on our kinship as a whole.
  2. Keep profanity and bad language to a minimum - We are an all-ages kinship and many players have young children. While we can't enforce a blanket ban on colourful language, please try to keep it minimal.

How To Get Recruited / Ask Questions

There are several ways you can get in touch to join our kinship:


You can try asking in the GlobalLFF channel for one of our officers. If you don't know what the GlobalLFF channel is, or how to use it, you can read our kin guide on how to use Global Channels.

Social Panel

You can type: /who Rangers of Eriador into the chat window to use the social panel to search for any of our members who are both online and NOT anonymous.

Important Note: Max sure in the filter panel you remove the Min/Max level and replace it with 1 and whatever the level cap is, or you will only see members more or less your level. You can then politely ask one of these members if an officer is available to invite you to the kin.

If you have any questions prior to joining, you can get in touch with one of our officers via the above methods.

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